A Mess Of Their Own Making – But Who Will Suffer?


Our wonderful Government have announced a resettlement scheme for 25,000 Afghan refugees (5,000 immediately, 20,000 in the near future) to come and start a new life in Britain.

After the 9/11 attacks, the New World Order through George Bush and his lapdog Tony Blair decided to punish Afghanistan because the Taliban had hosted Osama bin Laden in his mountain lair through his friendship with the Taliban leader, Mullah Omar. The following US/UK led invasion was doomed from the word go.

Over the following years this led to the deaths of 457 British soldiers and around 2000 wounded many with life-changing injuries. Many of those who served will go on to suffer from PTSD* which will blight the rest of their lives. A reputed trillion dollars of American money has been wasted. Britain alone has wasted £37bn.

With monotonous regularity our political ‘leaders’ drag us into some foreign conflict on the guise of ‘fighting terrorism’, ‘bringing freedom and democracy’ etc, etc. But what they are really trying to do is ensure that liberal capitalism dominates the entire world and helps cement their own place in history as world statesman. They want every country and its peoples’ to be consumers of their shoddy goods, a world of ants in a Soros inspired utopia.

Our self-hating old-gang politicians in the North of England have been falling over themselves to jump on to the bandwagon. To them, the indigenous people of these lands do not exist, and anyone, from anywhere in the world, can be British just by moving to these islands and saying ‘I’m British’. The majority of these creatures are from the marxist socialist Labour Party, but the ruling Conservatives are only a shade less poisonous.

The mayors of Greater Manchester, West Yorkshire and the Liverpool and Sheffield city regions have said they will welcome Afghan refugees but that those fleeing persecution must be fairly distributed around the country. Steve Rotheram, the mayor of the Liverpool city region, said refugees were welcome in Liverpool with “no caveats”.

Tracy Brabin, the new mayor of West Yorkshire, said the whole country needed to support Afghans in need. “West Yorkshire will play its part. We will not turn our backs on people who are going through this devastating crisis”. Brabin, the former Labour MP for Batley & Spen, is best known from her role as Tricia Armstrong in Coronation Street, where she played the girlfriend of Terry Duckworth, and was jailed for TV license evasion. Classic. Shakespeare must be turning in his grave.

Perhaps the most outrageous statement came from the Leeds East MP Richard Burgon, who was widely mocked for urging the UK Government to make compensation payments to the Taliban for the Afghan invasion and occupation. Burgon attended Cambridge University and was an employment lawyer before becoming an MP.

These establishment politicians, of whatever shade, do not care about the indigenous Britons, which has been proven by their shameful silence over the grooming gang epidemic and on the subject of racial attacks on white people.

It is not their sons and daughters who were being blown to pieces by IUD’s or left paralysed after serving in Iraq, Libya or Afghanistan. It is not their families who are forced to live and compete for jobs, houses, school places, doctors and dentists with the refugees and economic migrants who flood into our country after each invasion.

The real criminals are the likes of George Bush, Tony Blair and David Cameron who take us into wars in distant countries for the sake of the ‘New World Order’ their masters are trying to create.

The Great Replacement has just taken another leap forward.

*Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a mental health condition caused by a traumatic experience. Symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder include flashbacks, nightmares, feeling very anxious and difficulty sleeping.

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