Fitness And Activism: Manchester BM Leads The Way

bm combat session

British Movement activists in the North West continue to lead by example when it comes to combining fitness and activism. Not for them the easy life of sitting in front of the TV on cold winter nights. What better way to keep fit than by sparring with your comrades before taking to the streets to push the BM message of ‘propaganda, propaganda, propaganda’.

Definitely not couch potatoes. BM North West activists sparring.

The short report below is from the activists:

On the evening of Tuesday, 19th December, activists from BM Greater Manchester met up for a fitness session. Afterwards, we headed to Stockport where we took down plenty of communist propaganda and replaced it with BM stickers. We also put up anti-paedo posters throughout the city.
Manchester awake!

The BM anti-paedophile message.

“Sometimes people will say – ‘what is the point of street activism, a mobilisation, stickering and propaganda etc, isn’t it pointless?

“Every revolution or movement begins in the streets. Rome was not built in a day, and we must continue to build connections and momentum for our struggle.

“Well there is every point. Every action, little or small brings hope to our people. The little boy being bullied at school by immigrants, the local girl scared to walk to the shops at night. When they see that there are still proud White European men and women it brings hope and courage.

A White Nationalist.


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Lower Images: British Movement

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