BM Respond To Local Concerns Over Refugee Hotel

Britannia Leeds Hotel

Locals in the Leeds 14 area are up in arms over refugees causing problems in a giant Tesco Extra supermarket situated in the Seacroft shopping centre.

The young male refugees are housed in a Britannia Hotel 500 metres from the centre, and according to locals, have been loitering around the store’s entrances, harassing young girls and women out shopping.

The police were out in force at the Britannia Hotel

So bad has the situation become that a group of local residents approached a well-known Nationalist and asked if anything could be done. The BM member then quickly organised a protest to show the local community that they are not alone and that the BM (and to their credit) Patriotic Alternative will stand with them.

A banner was quickly produced stating “Soldiers On The Streets – Immigrants In Hotels“. *This referred to the scandal of large numbers of ex-servicemen, many with conditions such as PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), being forced to sleep rough on the streets while these economic migrants are put up and fed free of charge in hotels the length and breadth of the country.

The police and their ‘intelligence’ section were also out in force and were seen visiting local public houses 2 hours before the protest was due to begin. As the activists and residents made their way to the hotel, police cars were frantically speeding up and down trying to work out what our intentions were. On reaching the hotel entrance we unfurled our banners facing the busy A64 York Road dual carriageway.

The banner says it all: Soldiers On The Streets – Immigrants In Hotels

We were very pleased by the number of car horns that were honked in support of our demo and the message on our banners. The police at the hotel entrance stood back and let us protest without any interference, no doubt many of them sympathetic to our message.

To finish our protest, a local BM member gave an impromptu speech in front of the hotel before we moved on further down the A64 to unfurl a ‘White Lives Matter’ banner on a foot bridge over the road. Once again, the response from motorists passing under our banners was superb. In the space of 20 minutes over 100 drivers hooted their support.

White Lives Matter banner unfurled over the busy A64 dual carriageway in Leeds

Brittania Hotels And ‘The Asylum King’

Britannia Hotels has been rated the worst hotel chain for the eighth-year year in a row. The hotel chain has 61 hotels up and down the country with over 10,000 bedrooms. An investigation by Which? magazine revealed that guests gave the firm one-star ratings in nearly every category, including value for money, comfort and food and drink, getting an overall score of under 40%.

Maybe the fact that most of the hotel chains profits come from housing economic refugees is behind the apparent lack of concern over its disastrous customer feedback. So, who actually owns Brittania Hotels?

The main individuals involved with the firm, which was established in 1976, are directors Alexander Langsam and Robert Ferrari. Mr Langsam is one of the wealthiest men in Britain, who in 2016 had an estimated fortune of £220m, featuring in the Sunday Times Rich List that year, sharing a spot with Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones.

Mr Langsam was also dubbed “the Asylum King” after raking in £14 million in a lucrative Home Office contract to house refugees in his budget hotels in 2014-15. Let’s leave the final word to the Brittania Hotels PR man:

“Our competitive pricing offers real value for money, both for individuals and for companies looking to save on quality accommodation. Amenities such as restaurants, bars, health-clubs and Wi-Fi are complemented by the rich décor and friendly atmosphere.”

*At least 13,000 ex-soldiers are homeless after leaving the military, a report in the Sunday People revealed.

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