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lenin in sealed train

During World War I the exiled Bolshevik leader Vladimir Lenin was put on a train and injected back into Tsarist Russia in order to ferment revolution and so end Russia’s involvement in that war. He was deemed so dangerous that the train was sealed shut by the Germans, so that he could not leave it until it arrived at its destination.

“Either we’ll be swinging from the gallows in three months or we shall be in power.”

Vladimir Lenin – 13th April 1917

General Erich Ludendorff later admitted his involvement in his autobiography, My War Memories, 1914-1918 (1920) and that he told senior officials: “Our government, in sending Lenin to Russia, took upon itself a tremendous responsibility. From a military point of view his journey was justified, for it was imperative that Russia should fall.”

Once the three of the carriage’s four doors at the Russian end were closed shut, Fritz Platten, a Swiss socialist marked them with chalk in German as “sealed”. The train was given a high traffic priority by the Germans. The rest, as they say, is history.

In a similar way, immigration was the tool used by the internationalists to destroy Britain’s homogeneity after the Second World War. Britain and Europe was to be multi-racial. In the future the people would not be allowed to rise up against their masters again.

But in Britain the speed with which immigration has changed the face of our lands may turn out to be our enemies greatest weakness. The Great Replacement is happening at break-neck speed. Even the most stupid, apathetic and cowardly of our people are taking notice. Establishment attack-dogs like Andrew Neil* are beginning to feel uneasy.

The following transcript was sent to us by a supporter and is of Andrew Neil speaking on the GB News channel a few days ago. We reprint it as received.

Here is my problem; I am told that we are going to have to pay for prescriptions up to the age of 66 because we can’t afford it.

The triple lock for pensioners must go, because we cannot afford it. We cannot have a proper resolution to the care home crisis because we cannot afford it. We cannot provide homes for the many ex servicemen living on the streets nor provide care for their mental health problems, because we cannot afford it.

But we can always afford as much as is needed to provide for illegal immigrants and bogus asylum seekers, there is a bottomless pit for them, but no money to provide a decent set of protection measures to stop them getting here. And now we will take 20,000 Afghanis, who from what I can see are mainly men under 40… They will need housing etc, put them into hotels and within a week they will be complaining about the food and curfews etc.

I am sorry but apart from embassy workers and interpreters AND THEIR FAMILIES, we should not be providing for young men who just want to leave Afghanistan.  There will be sleepers amongst them, just as there are in the untold thousands of illegal immigrants that the home office have lost track of, because they have just walked out of the accommodation they were given.

Boris, we as a country cannot afford your virtue signalling largesse, you need to sort out our internal problems, stop this stupidity with HS2, that will provide funds for prescriptions and the triple lock, take money from the bloated overseas aid fund and pay for the proper protection of our shores and citizens, stop talking a good talk and actually do something..Stop being so interested in green matters at the insistence of your Mrs and do something about the real problems affecting our country.

I made the mistake of voting for you, I would never make that mistake again.

*Neil was editor of The Sunday Times from 1983 to 1994. He has had spells working for Channel 4, Sky and the BBC. Neil derided those who opposed the Afghan invasion as “wimps with no will to fight”, while labelling The Guardian as The Daily Terrorist and the New Statesman as the New Taliban for publishing dissenting opinions about the wisdom of British military involvement.

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