A Wake-Up Call To Every Single One Of Us

aerial view of london

“The struggle for the capital always forms a special chapter in the history of revolutionary movements. The capital is a concept in itself. It represents the centre of all political, intellectual, economic and cultural forces of the land. From it, their emanations reach into the provinces, and no city, no village remains untouched by them.”
Dr. Joseph Goebbels from the book, ‘Kampf um Berlin’ (Struggle for Berlin), 1932.

London is our capital city. Already, the indigenous people of that city are a minority. The London Mayor, Pakistani socialist Sadiq Khan, is forever showing his pleasure at the foreign takeover of a city with 2,000 years of European history. In the lead-up to Christmas, Khan released this message of intent to every British person. You have been warned…..

Compare Khan’s triumphal rant with the video below, which is a ‘marvellous record of our proud and hard-working East End communities before the area was totally ruined by the closure of local industry and the advent of diversity’.


Top Image: Benjamin Davies on Unsplash
First Video: Khan’s YouTube Channel
Bottom Video: Larry’s Eastend Photos 1

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