This Is Leeds! Patriots Hit Back!

This Is Leeds! Patriots Hit Back!

For those unfamiliar with our northern cities, Leeds is situated in the former West Riding of Yorkshire and is home to approximately 750,00 people.

The good folk of Leeds have kept the flame of Nationalism alive since the 1930’s, when Mosley’s Blackshirts went toe-to-toe with the Communist Party on the city’s streets, to the present day, with racial Nationalists and National Socialists still fighting for our race and nation.

Throughout the 1970s and 80s, activists from the NF, BM, and NDFM* took the fight against the reds onto the streets, earning themselves a fearsome reputation. Also around the same time, the Leeds Service Crew followed Leeds United up and down the country. The National Front had a significant influence on the Service Crew, and some of them are still involved with the British Movement today.

Last Saturday, October 21, a large pro-Palestinian demonstration was held in Leeds City Centre. Groups of Muslim men and women, along with the usual rag-tag gangs of Marxists, paraded up and down the pedestrianised streets, waving flags and banners, and generally making a nuisance of themselves.

The British Movement does not support Hamas, and we do not support Israel. We haven’t forgotten the 875 British servicemen and police who were killed by the Zionist terrorists between 1945 and 1948, nor that the Islamist militants who have been allowed to settle in our country hate everything we stand for.

The following video was posted on ‘X’ (Twitter) and shows a small group of patriots who took exception to the fanatics who were intent on taking over our streets. We have masked the faces in the video to protect the patriots.

*National Democatic Freedom Movement.

The BM has posted two articles on the current conflict in the Middle East:

The Northland Forum – BM statement on the Israel-Palestine conflict.

BM Northern Region – The British in Palestine.


Top Image: British Movement Northern.

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