April 20th – A Very Special Day

The Führers birthday April 20th

The BM Northern Region salutes all National Socialists worldwide on the birthday of our Führer Adolf Hitler. Raise a glass and pledge to continue the fight for our people come what may. “Obstacles do not exist to be surrendered to, but only to be broken.” A.H.

“My spirit will rise from the grave and the world will know that I was right.”

Adolf Hitler.

“Since the mid-20th century, the world has only ever heard one side of an incredible story. The story of a boy from an ordinary family whose ambition was to become an artist, but who instead became a drifter.

His destiny, however, was not to drift, but to rise to the greatest heights of power, eventually becoming one of the most influential men who ever lived.”

From the film The Greatest Story NEVER Told! by Dennis Wise.


Top Image: AH Montage.

Lower Image: The Führer visiting Mariupol during 1941 liberation of the city from the red army.

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