Asylum Backlog – An Amnesty In All But Name

illegal Channel migrants

The Tory Party has a track record second to none when it comes to misleading British voters about their intention to ‘get tough’ with immigration. It has made unfulfilled commitments to reduce immigration for the past 13 years. Last year, 606,000 more persons entered the United Kingdom than left. And still these hypocrites talk about reducing immigration as though it is something only they can achieve.

But now they have hit on a novel solution to the backlog of asylum cases: the Home Office has slipped out an announcement in a written statement that it will no longer distinguish between people arriving illegally and other ‘legal’ asylum seekers.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has quietly abandoned a central tenet of last year’s asylum law, which established a two-tier refugee system and made life more difficult for tens of thousands of people who arrived in the United Kingdom on small vessels.

In an effort to reduce the asylum backlog, the Home Office announced in a written statement on Thursday that it would no longer differentiate between people who entered the country illegally, such as those who crossed the English Channel, and other asylum seekers, as required by the Nationality and Borders Act of 2016.

“We are moderating our stance under Rishi, which will not go over well with the red wall crowd.”

A leading Conservative quoted anonymously.

According to legal experts, the government will be able to expedite the processing of claims for approximately 55,000 individuals who have arrived in the United Kingdom since June 2022. Nearly 15,000 applications from countries with high grant rates, such as Afghanistan and Sudan, can be processed via questionnaires rather than time-consuming in-person interviews.

It also means that individuals who arrived by small craft will be granted enhanced privileges, such as the ability to reunite with their families. Enver Solomon, the £60k per year executive director of the Refugee Council, said the decision was an admission that the government had failed to deliver.

Several leading Conservatives had reservations about the decision and how it would sit with working class voters. One stated, “This eliminates a strong deterrent and appears to be a de facto amnesty introduced in order to process cases as opposed to stopping the boats.” We are moderating our stance under Rishi, which will not go over well with the red wall crowd.”

Robert Jenrick, the immigration minister, declared the U-turn in a statement posted on the website of the British parliament. He wrote: “We will pause the differentiation policy in the next package of immigration rules changes in July 2023. This means we will stop taking grouping decisions under the differentiated asylum system after these rules changes and those individuals who are successful in their asylum application, including those who are granted humanitarian protection, will receive the same conditions.”

He stated that those granted “group 2” status, which was reserved for those who entered the country illegally, would have their conditions aligned with “group 1” refugees. He retroactively backdated the applications to June 2022, the date the law was enacted, and added that the government would “streamline” the claims of individuals arriving from Afghanistan, Eritrea, Libya, Syria, Yemen, and Sudan.


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