“Not Like Any Woman From Halifax I Ever Saw”

a man named zara jade

Following on from the Gary Lineker Twitter scandle at the BBC, the corporation has once again been called to task for its left-wing, woke bias.

A man has been handed a nine-year jail sentence at Bradford Crown Court for wounding with intent to do grievous bodily harm, robbery, fraud and false imprisonment. Now known as Zara Jade, the 54-year-old transgender ‘woman’ has previously been jailed for rape and other sexual offenses.

“Not like any woman from Halifax I ever saw”

Former long-serving Sky News presenter Colin Brazier.

His conviction for rape and other sexual offences in 1988 led to a five-year jail sentence, and he was again jailed for another sexual offence in 2013.

Jade (unfortunately we were not told his birth name), stabbed his vulnerable victim before tying her to a chair in a flat in the West Yorkshire town of Halifax and demanding cash. He left her tied up while he went to an ATM to withdraw cash.

The BBC, on its website, headlined its post as a “Halifax woman jailed after stabbing and tying up victim,”. No mention of the fact that Zara Jade is legally a man and has male genitalia, or that he will serve his time in a male prison. The subsequent backlash on social media forced the broadcaster to edit its report, describing the pervert as a “transgender woman”.

It was not just the tax-payer funded BBC who pushed this false pro-transgender brainwashing. West Yorkshire Police made absolutely no mention of it in their sentencing report, which was simply titled “Woman Jailed for Multiple Domestic Abuse Offenses.” The tweet announcing the conviction was also swiftly deleted after receiving immediate condemnation from other Twitter users.

A similar story was published on the left-wing local news website YorkshireLive, which ran with the headline: “Drunk woman, 54, ties victim to chair, stabs her, then steals her money.”

If you are tired of handing your hard-earned cash to the left-wing BBC and its woke presenters, help and advice about cancelling your TV license can be found on this website: https://www.defundbbc.uk/


Top Image: ‘Zara Jade’ – West Yorkshire Police.
Bottom Image: BBC Twitter tweet.

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