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A quick sweep though the crime report pages of the Manchester Evening News in April 2023.

April was a busy month for the courts in Greater Manchester and Chester, and in addition to the crop of “violent thugs” violent drug addicts, thieves, perverts and paedophiles (even the FBI were involved in trapping one pervert from Wigan), there were an interesting assortment of individuals from the ethnic minority communities, all busy ‘culturally enriching’ Greater Manchester and surrounding towns.

April 16th – Manchester Evening News featured “The Merchants of Death”, a two-page spread dedicated to the jailing of a gang, not all of whom were drawn from minority communities but the ethnic makeup of this crew speaks for itself, an example of ‘diversity’ at its very best.

The Merchants of Death.

The Manchester Evening News for Sunday April 16th 2023, described the gang as being “notorious gun-runners who supplied gangsters with their weapons.” The offences linked to the ‘Merchants of Death’ go back years into the 1980’s and 1990’s and up into more recent years, supplying guns from overseas, supplying ammunition and acting as wholesale armourers to organised criminal gangs.

Kaleem Akhtar was jailed in 2010 for 20 years, he was from a wealthy family running a clothing business and lived in a large house in Chorlton – which was also his base as a gun-runner. Known to the underworld as “Big K”, he had supplied guns during the ‘Gunchester’ period, also supplying the ‘Gooch’ gang in Manchester.

Leon Seale-Edwards, was given a life sentence in 2007, known as “Beefy”, he supplied guns to the ‘Longsight Crew’ and to the ‘Gooch’ gang. His house had a motto ‘LIVE BY IT -DIE BY IT – THE GUN’.

Michael Sammon aka ‘Mickey the Fish’, converted blank firing guns into lethal firearms, employing a backstreet engineer in a workshop in Ancoats to convert the guns. Together with Bobby ‘The Gun’ Tyre he bankrolled one of the biggest illegal firearm operations in the country. Mickey spent years on the run. In 2005, their luck ran out and Bobby Tyre was sentenced to 19 years, but Mickey went back on the run. In total Mickey Sammon spent 11 years on the run before his arrest and jailing at Manchester
Crown Court in 2010.

Michael Derrane, age 50 was said to have supplied guns and drugs to organised crime gangs across Manchester and to other towns and cities all over the country. Known as ‘Big Coney’ he would travel all over Britain, sometimes covering up to 700 miles in a trip, he was known to criminal gangs outside Greater Manchester, including Leeds, Newcastle on Tyne, the Midlands and London.

Bilal Khan and Umair Zaheer were lesser-known players but were equally guilty of gun running and drug dealing. Umair Zaheer was involved in supplying the guns behind shootings in Salford and drug dealing across Greater Manchester. In February 2022 Umair Zaheer was sentenced to 25 years in prison. Bilal Khan was known to have posed for photographs holding sub machine-guns and was sentenced to over 10 years.

Armed robbers who targeted the brothers of professional footballers

Appearing in court on five counts of armed robbery, a violent offence originally committed in January 2019, but concluding in April 2023. A gang of violent robbers actually targeted siblings of multicultural icons, the professional footballers Marcus Radford and Trent Alexander-Arnold; Dane Rashford and Tyler Alexander-Arnold were meeting with friends prior to travelling to a football match in Liverpool to watch their respective brothers taking part.

The Little Rock Caribbean Cafe in Mosside was the venue for the friends to meet, but someone must have tipped off the gang that some wealthy young men were on the premises. The armed robbers were Romano Harmer, Talleko Lemonios, and Tariq Dervan, all were non-white individuals operating in a multi-racial, diverse, area of Manchester.

The gang stormed into the cafe, Talleko Lemonios threatened customers with a sawn-off shotgun, while his two colleagues entertained folks with a large machete and a baseball bat. No ‘White racism’ was in evidence as these three men of colour robbed wealthier men of colour. During the robbery process, the baseball bat was used to whack Mr Rashford and Mr Alexander-Arnold and both men later required stiches to their head wounds.

In a classic Marxist ‘re-distribution of wealth’, the robbers took wallets, cash and items of jewellery before relieving Tyler Alexander-Arnolds Rolex Daytona watch (worth £22,000) and took the keys to Mr Rashford’s Range Rover (worth £70,000) before driving off in the vehicle. Unfortunately for the would-be car liberators, it was fitted with a tracking device and the police quickly discovered it parked outside a house in Rusholme and arrested the gang.

The court found the three men guilty on five counts of armed robbery and they were duly sentenced; Romano Harmer got 4 years. Tariq Dervan got 5 and a half years. Talleko Lemonios got 18 years because he had a previous record for violence and he was the one armed with the illegal sawn-off shotgun.

Then we have the violent sexual predators, rapists this time one in Tameside and one in Winsford, Cheshire. First Tameside:

Kami Gaston, a 20-year-old ‘man of colour’ was at the time living in Hyde, Tameside, when in May 2021, he attacked a woman walking in the woods in the district of Hattersley. Kami Gaston raped the woman, but her screams and calls for help were heard by another woman who was walking her dog.

Bravely the dog-walker went to the aid of the rape victim, so Gaston violently assaulted her, snatched her mobile phone out of her hands and threw it into the bushes, he dragged off his first victim with him as he left the scene. As of April 2023, Kami Gaston was convicted of rape and a section 47 assault, he was sentenced to 13 years in prison, plus an 8-year extended period on licence.

Now to Chester Crown Court:

Abu Musa age 21, and Abdulrahman Hassan, age 22. Interestingly neither rapist came from Cheshire, Abu Musa was resident in Stoke on Trent, and Abdulrahman Hassan lived in Oldham.

The crime began at a club in Nantwich, Cheshire in June 2022, at the club there were two young women on a night out, unfortunately they missed out on a lift home, so they stayed on until the club closed at 3am. The women went to a nearby takeaway where they met Musa and Hassan who offered to give them a lift to Winsford.

On arriving at their house in Winsford, one of the women went bed, but the other woman, who was already intoxicated, stayed with the two men, who gave her more alcohol. The woman became increasingly drunk and she was raped by both men, Abu Musa filmed the rape on his mobile phone, clearly showing Hassan raping her. When Cheshire Police arrested the pair, it was the video evidence on Abu Musa’s phone that confirmed their guilt.

Abdulrahman Hassan pleaded guilty to rape, assault by penetration and voyeurism. Abdul Musa was found guilty of rape and assault by penetration; he had previously admitted to an act of voyeurism. Both were found guilty and were remanded in custody until sentencing. One of the detectives involved in the case described Hassan and Musa as “sexual predators”.

In addition the police investigator told the court, “They were aware that she was heavily intoxicated and they both knew that she could not consent. Despite this knowledge, they both chose to rape and sexually assault her multiple times.”

This is not to suggest that only ‘men of colour’ commit rape or other acts of sexual violence, but their court appearances for such offences appear to be disproportionate to their percentage in the overall population.

Here at British Movement Northern region we never lose sight of the old British Nationalist slogan. “If these people had not been allowed to settle here these crimes would not have happened.”


Main Image: Photo by Max Kleinen on Unsplash.
Merchants Of Death: Greater Manchester Police.

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