BM Interviewed By Der Dritte Weg In Germany

Der Dritte Weg

We have watched with interest the growing influence of the racial Nationalist organisation Der Dritte Weg in Germany. Der III. Weg, as it is also known, was formed in 2013 and is now the leading revolutionary Nationalist movement in Germany. Its stated aim is to create a ‘German socialism far removed from exploitative capitalism and egalitarian communism’.

Der Dritte Weg, which translates as the The Third Path/The Third Way, interviewed our National Secretary in May and published his response on the 6th June. The interview (which was published in two parts), was briefly taken down after legal advice warned that showing images of the BM Sunwheel was illegal in Germany and could have led to a prosecution by the so-called ‘democratic’ state.

The reason Der Dritte Weg interviewed the BM is explained in the first paragraph of Part 1/2:

‘Our national-revolutionary movement is constantly looking for interlocutors in Europe who follow a similar path to create an alternative to Western capitalism and communism. We met the British National Socialist Movement (BNSM) in Great Britain and asked them for an interview.’

Although the posts are in German, if using Google, it translates them into English automatically. Whilst the translation is not perfect, specifically its translation of ‘Nationalsozialismus’ into ‘Nazi’, it gives the non-German speaker a reasonable idea of the content. The BM never uses the word ‘Nazi’, as it is a derogatory term for National Socialism used by opponents of the NSDAP.

One of the offending images of the Sunwheel that had to be censored to comply with German law.

The full interview can be seen here:

Interview with the BNSM part 1/2. Click here (opens in a new tab).

Interview with the BNSM part 2/2. Click here (opens in a new tab).

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