Still Taking The Knee Mr Southgate?

stop taking the knee

Gareth Southgate, the woke England football manager, confirmed before the World Cup that the England team will take the knee in Qatar. He also revealed that the England captain, Harry Kane of Tottenham, would wear a ‘One-Love’ armband in the rainbow colours adopted by homosexuals and transexuals, in a deliberate provocation to the Qatari hosts, who view homosexuality as an illness.

The England team had made this empty gesture against ‘racism and inequality’ in 33 straight matches after football returned after the Covid-19 shutdown. As expected, England’s multi-millionaire players ‘took the knee’ in last Monday’s Group B opener against Iran, and will continue to make the marxist BLM-inspired gesture at the tournament.

“We have discussed taking the knee,” Southgate said. “We feel we should,” before adding, “It’s what we stand for as a team and have done for a long period of time.” One ultra-liberal commentator was quoted as saying kneeling was “sending a strong statement to go around the world, to young people in particular, to see that inclusivity is very important.”

FIFA’s decision to threaten Kane with a yellow card, as well as puny financial sanctions if he wore the armband during the first match, put the cat among the chickens, so to speak. It forced the Football Association into immediately deciding that England’s apparently highly prized social justice values would be ditched the moment there was the mere whiff of consequences.

In another show of disrespect to their hosts, the German national team posed with their hands covering their mouths before the start of the Group E match between Germany and Japan at Khalifa International Stadium. The composition of the once-mighty German team showed the same liberal/multi-racial sickness that infects every country across Europe. After a dire performance from these overpaid German footballers, fans criticised them for putting ‘politics before performance’.

The answer is simple: don’t go. Do not travel to a foreign country and then lecture them how to behave . It is their country, not yours. These hypocrites can pretend that Germany is a bastion of free speech and liberty, but this month 94-year-old Ursula Haverbeck had been expected to be returned to a German prison for merely questioning details of the holocaust. Now that is something worth protesting over.

Full details of this brave lady’s fight against this slur on every German can be read here: Real History Blog

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