The Elephant In The Room

The Elephant In The Room

Gasp! Shock! Horror! A leading think tank has revealed that migrants coming to the UK are to blame for almost 90 percent of Britain’s housing problems. We must thank the Bank of England’s chief economist, Mr. Huw Pill, for being clever enough to figure out the obvious.

Merchant bankers like Nigel Farage, ever eager to blow his own trumpet, took to the airwaves to claim that he had warned over 20 years ago that mass immigration was leading to a housing crisis. Well Nigel, the British Movement and other racial Nationalist groups have been warning for much, much longer about the consequences of immigration. Unfortunately people like you have refused to listen.

Huw Pill said higher interest rates were not responsible for record hikes in rental costs, which jumped by 9.2pc in the year to March. Pill argues that the influx of newcomers (745,000 net migrants arriving in 2022 alone), is outstripping the rate at which new properties are being built. The knock-on effect is that the demand for rental properties is at an all-time high, with unscrupulous landlords cashing in with soaring rents.

In the past ten years, more than 3.44 million homes should have been built to cope with demand and 1.19 million alone for net migration. In fact, ‘only’ 2.11 million homes have been built in the same period. The idea of just building more and more houses every year to meet demand is unsustainable, with Britain already being one of the most overcrowded countries in Europe.

Meanwhile, an assessment of the BBC’s news coverage showed that some reporters were reluctant to discuss local immigration concerns or immigration fraud for fear that doing so would be perceived as “hostile” to immigrants. The review also hinted that the BBC’s staff might be leaning a bit too far to the left. No Kidding?

“BBC journalists say negative stories on migrants are less likely to be given widespread coverage.” An internal inquiry found “no consistent bias” but “risks to impartiality.” It said: “Story selection appeared driven not by deliberate choices, but by the culture of following the political agenda.”

The reality of the crisis is that immigration hasn’t delivered the economic boost promised by our elected politicians, except for making billions for a few, causing misery for the many, and robbing native Britons of their birthright. The multi-racial fanatics are to blame for creating a situation where we have to wait weeks for a doctor’s appointment, operations are cancelled, and millions cannot find an NHS dentist for love nor money.


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