Enough Is Enough! March & Rally In Leeds 10.06.23

enough is enough!

A large contingent of British Movement attended a demonstration in Leeds City Centre called to protest against the invasion of our land by fighting-age ‘asylum seekers’ and the betrayal of our people by the Westminster Government on the 10th June.

The demo was called by the Yorkshire Patriots, who had invited speakers from a number of groups. Although not everyone who attended was NS or a racial Nationalist, that didn’t matter to the Marxists who turned up looking for trouble and to chant their banal slogans. The Reds must have felt very deflated at their total failure to stop our activity, and they packed up and left before our rally had finished.

Leeds 10.06.2023 march and rally in Leeds City Centre. A large British Movement contingent attended.

The BM are happy to support any activity by genuine racial Nationalists, and many old-hands were pleased to be able to march through the streets of Leeds for the first time in many years. Two of the speakers at the rally (held outside of the Art Gallery on the Headrow, the main street though Leeds City Centre) were very impressive, both giving excellent hard-line racial Nationalist inspired speeches.

After the rally we retired to a few watering holes in the city centre favoured by Leeds BM, with comrades from the National Front and others joining us.

We must give a mention to Harold H. and Ian A. who both attended even though not in the best of health. Harold, who is 89-years-old, was determined to support the event, and although the actual march was too taxing for him to take part, he was an enthusiastic participant at the rally afterwards. Ian, although much younger than Harold, took part in the march and the rally.

Both comrades are an inspiration to our younger members and represent the very best qualities required of a National Socialist.


Top Image: A BM activist holds a protest banner.

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