Multiculturalism Unravels In The North

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In the wake of the war in Gaza, multiculturalism has started to unravel in northern towns and cities. Diversity is no longer a strength. This is an ongoing situation.

While most of the mainstream media focus is on the massive pro-Palestinian rallies and marches through central London, there have been marches and rallies in support of Gaza and the Palestinian cause and against the actions of the State of Israel and its military across Northern cities and towns.

Very real divisions are opening up in the ‘diverse and multicultural’ urban communities, so beloved of the metropolitan, liberal ‘progressives’ and the assorted elements of the political Left. A broad range of Muslims, including Asians, Africans, and those from the Middle East, are standing in solidarity with the Palestinians of Gaza and the West Bank, while the Jewish communities are standing by Israel. As a result, pro-Gaza elements are turning against the Jewish community and are even targeting left-wing Jews with their anti-Israel and anti-Zionist anger.

British Movement is both amused and delighted to see the Labour Party being riven by conflicting factions, especially from Labour’s sizeable Muslim base, who have been angered by the overt support for Israeli military action by Labour Party leader Sir Keir Starmer. After all, it was the Labour Party that sought to turn the United Kingdom into a “truly multicultural society” through its “driving political purpose” for diversity under the Labour governments of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.

On October 14th, hundreds marched through the city centre in support of ‘Palestine Action’. A protest outside BBC Radio Merseyside saw red paint being thrown across the front of the building by what the media insists are ‘mostly peaceful’ demonstrators.

Marches and rallies in support of Gaza through the city centre on October 14th and the 21st. The October 14th march saw an estimated 2,000 people take part. According to Greater Manchester Police (GMP), across the month of October, there have been over 100 ‘Anti-Semitic’ incidents across Manchester since October 7th, as anti-Zionist and anti-Israel feelings have surfaced on the streets.

This was a noisy protest rally outside MediaCityUK at Salford Quays, with much criticism of reports on Gaza by the national news media.

Smaller pro-Gaza protests in the city centre, one group of leftists protesting in support of the Palestinian cause found themselves confronted by angry local patriots. However, the mainstream media have carefully ignored a very militant sermon being preached by an Imam at the main mosque in Leeds, demanding ‘Jihad’ and calling on Muslims worldwide for armed support for Gaza and for a wider ‘jihad’.

In Centenary Square over several weekends, there have been rallies in support of Gaza organised by the Bradford Council of Mosques. Unusually, at the first such rally, some of the very vocal Islamist elements were arrested for setting off fireworks in the city centre causing a good deal of fear and panic amongst some citizens.

In the days following the Hamas attacks of October 7th, the Conservative government issued instructions across the United Kingdom for the Israeli flag to be flown on top of government buildings and local council buildings in a nationwide gesture of support for the State of Israel. Obviously this symbolic act did not go down well with a large number of UK citizens, and a man who was obviously a pro-Palestinian activist, climbed up onto the roof of Sheffield town hall, removed the Israeli flag and replaced it with a Palestinian flag, much to the cheers of the largely brown-skinned crowd below.

On Saturday, October 14th, hundreds gathered in the city centre in support of ‘Palestine Action.’ The previous evening, Friday 13th saw a demonstration outside the Armstrong Works on the Scotswood Road by an organisation called ‘Free Palestine’, which was protesting against armaments being supplied
to Israel as part of a government pledge to support and supply the Israel Defence Forces (IDF).

Lancaster and Preston:
Smaller demonstrations in both Lancaster and Preston city centres have been organised by left-wing organisations in support of ‘Free Palestine’. With typical revolutionary zeal, on October 20th, students and staff at Lancaster University announced “Palestine solidarity: Communists mobilise on campus.”

On Saturday October 28th, a ‘Preston for Palestine’ demonstration was held with a march and rally.

The above list of pro-Gaza, pro-Palestine, anti-Israel demonstrations by the assorted social justice warriors of the political Left, is just a snap shot of the marches, rallies, and protests currently taking place across the North of England. Most noticeable though is the large number of Asian Muslims taking part, as well as assorted African and Middle Eastern immigrants and ‘refugees’ swelling the ranks. The collective hostility towards Israel, Zionism and the Jewish community in Britain is very obvious.

Any number of umbrella organisations have emerged, largely funded and organised by the Marxist Left, as is to be expected, the Socialist Workers Party (SWP) and Socialist Appeal are providing most of the professionally produced placards and posters. However, there has been a conspicuous presence at most of these protests by militant Islamists, and the police appear to be treading very carefully in dealing with these Muslim radicals, especially in cities like Manchester and Bradford.

There is no doubt that ‘multicultural Britain’ is being severely strained by the political, religious and ethnic tensions generated by the conflict in Gaza and the Middle East. The sizeable Muslim communities across the United Kingdom are standing in solidarity with the Palestinian cause, and many Islamist radicals are expanding the issues to generate support for militant Islam under the call for “Jihad”. How long will it be before there is open conflict on British streets between jihadists militants and Zionist Jews?

Already the cracks are appearing in mainstream British political parties, especially in the ranks of the Labour Party, as stated above, Labour is starting to reap what it sowed in its pursuit of a ‘truly multicultural country.’ Across the country, but especially across northern England, Muslim councillors and Muslim Members of Parliament, the majority of them second or third-generation Pakistani or Bangladeshi immigrants, are breaking ranks with official Labour policy and good numbers are resigning their membership of the Labour Party.

Meanwhile an example of how divided the Labour Party is becoming was illustrated at a major meeting at Whalley Range in Greater Manchester on October 27th. Hosted jointly by the much media venerated Labour Mayor of the Manchester region Andy Burnham, and the Labour MP for Gorton, Afzal Khan. The meeting represented Labour councils from across the Manchester city region with councillors from Bury, Salford, Wigan, Rochdale, Trafford and Stockport attending.

This meeting was noticeable for the large number of non-white faces taking part and the general level of dissatisfaction being expressed in the leadership of the Labour Party. Diversity is proving not to be Labour’s strength.

As for the forces of law and order in policing the mass demonstrations in support of Palestine, it goes without saying that all police forces have been loudly denouncing any signs of “Anti-Semitism” and no doubt are hoping to arrest any British National Socialists or racial Nationalists voicing anti-Zionist opinions. But much less so when the militant supporters of radical Islam speak out. Of course a big show is being made over any overt support for Hamas, which is a terrorist organisation.

It would be interesting to know exactly how much fund-raising is taking place in some of the larger mosques in places like Rochdale, Oldham, Blackburn, Dewsbury, Batley, Keighley and Rotherham, on behalf of militant and radical Islamist organisations.

However, the double standards being exhibited by the Metropolitan Police in London towards the protests will no doubt be duplicated by Greater Manchester Police, Merseyside Police, Lancashire Police, Northumbrian Police, West Yorkshire Police, and South Yorkshire Police. This video clip of white Metropolitan Police officers threatening White British lads for displaying the St George flag – where the MET leads, other police forces tend to follow.

Shame on you. The flag of our country is now seen by woke police as a symbol of racism.

The long-term future for multiculturalism and the much vaunted ‘community cohesion’, so beloved by the Left and liberal ‘progressives’, is now in doubt, and despite all the social justice rhetoric, there is no way any blame can be laid at the door of the ‘Far-Right’ or ‘White Supremacists’, this time.

As British National Socialists, British Movement says, stand back and watch our enemies turn on each other. We have nothing to gain by becoming involved, but everything to gain from the eventual fallout in British politics and on the streets.


Top Image: Youtube
Lower Images: Public Domain
Video: BM London.

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