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brainwashing our children

The following post was received at the BM office from a parent concerned about the brainwashing of children. We have reproduced it below, along with a comment on the subject by the editorial team.

“Give me a child until he is seven and I will show you the man” – Aristotle.

While visiting a bookstore earlier this year looking for a gift, I went into the children’s section and noticed a book entitled ‘What Is Racism? Stop Racism’. I instantly thought, God, our enemies are targeting our children!

And indeed they were, using this book with its cartoon-style drawings and its ‘lift-up-the-flaps’ format. The book starts by asking simple questions of its impressionable readers such as, “Why do people have different coloured skin?” but quickly moves on to say that racism is making fun of other people’s food or traditional dress.

Its young readers are then told it doesn’t matter where someone is from, and it attempts to show that only whites are racists. Racism is a white crime, is the teaching. It asks ‘where does racism come from?’ before explaining that slavery is how white people kidnapped Africans and made them work hard for no reward.

The next two pages tell the reader that being white is easier and non-whites are the victims. The book mentions that there’s more whites on TV and that whites have plaster to match their skin colour and of course black people are more likely to be stopped and searched by the police. 

The book also says that teachers are less likely to tell white pupils off than black pupils. The book is an education in how to be a victim and to blame white society. One part even claims that whites have a head start in life and that racism is the big problem.

Well, way back in 2007, Bristol University researchers found that the progress of white pupils was slowing right across the nation. This study simply compared pupils results. Ten years later, in October 2017, official government figures found that white children from poor backgrounds lag behind ethnic minorities at every level of the education system.

Another report in 2021 by the Education Select Committee reported the underachievement of white youngsters at school. These reports show that for almost two decades, it’s the white British working class who are the victims of neglect and have been disregarded by our rulers, while pressure groups and government ministers have known what’s happening and what the result of that neglect is.

The truth of racism is that society is anti-white, and this is concealed by cries of racism towards non-whites. We National Socialists are among those that know the truth, and its up to our workers’ to build the British Movement so that the BM can be a light of hope to the White working class, advising and encouraging our folk to inspire our youngsters to work extra hard during education and of course to study books on our culture and the achievements of our race.

One cannot stress the importance of building the National Socialist movement in this country into a power base for our community. Tomorrow belongs to those who make sacrifices today. Build the British Movement!

*The Greek philosopher Aristotle is reputed to have said, “Give me a child until he is seven and I will show you the man.”

What is Racism? (Lift-the-Flap First Questions & Answers)
Katie Daynes is a published adapter, author, editor, and a narrator of children’s books.

Product details
Publisher : ‎Usborne Publishing Ltd (30 Sept. 2021)
Language: ‎English
Board book : ‎12 pages
ISBN-10 : ‎1474995799
ISBN-13‏ : ‎978-1474995795
Reading age‏ : ‎4 – 7 years

The War Against Nationalist Families

A BM Northern comment on the indoctrination of children.

Political prisoner Sam Melia, jailed for two-years for producing stickers critical of Britain’s immigration policy, has been informed that he will no longer be allowed to have any contact with his young children while in prison.

The national Probation Service have made the decision to classify Sam as a PPRC – Person Posing Risk to Children – and are refusing to allow visits from his children due to his political views. This comes as no surprise to us; the legal system has for many years been infiltrated and subverted by activists who take the view that anyone with a racial Nationalist worldview will force those same beliefs on their children.

In a free, democratic Britain, the state will happily let you indoctrinate your children with bizarre and extreme religious views. The cult of Scientology, Jehova’s Witnesses, Black Hebrew Israelites, radical Islam and some of the more bizarre beliefs and practices of orthodox Judaism and the Talmud are all tolerated. But teach your children to love their people, history, culture and traditions, and you’re in trouble.


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