Spare The Rod Spoil The Child?

Spare The Rod Spoil The Child?

An appalling case of child abuse and murder was heard at Newcastle Crown Court in May 2024. The victim was a three-year-old boy and the killer was his own mother, a crime that in any circumstances is horrific and incompatible with the natural ideal of a kind, loving, caring person who will stop at nothing to keep her child safe.

Tellingly, the details of the case reflect on yet another Third World belief system imported into Britain with catastrophic results.

“Mum who beat son, 3, with bamboo cane and shook him to death jailed for life.

“A mother who beat her three-year-old son with a bamboo cane before shaking him to death has been jailed for at least 25 years.

“Christina Robinson, 30, subjected her son Dwelaniyah to a campaign of cruelty and excruciating pain over several weeks before killing him at the family home in Bracken Court, Ushaw Moor, Durham, in November 2022.

“She defended her actions, saying the Bible advised ‘the use of the rod’, Newcastle Crown Court heard.”

“Robinson, a member of the Black Hebrew Israelite religion, admitted hitting the little boy with a bamboo cane but claimed she was following a Bible scripture which advised the use of the rod for the ‘correction’ of children.”

During the three-week trial at Newcastle Crown Court, the prosecution set out how Robinson deliberately scalded the little boy as a punishment, how she hit him with spoons, slapped him and beat him with a bamboo cane and how she did not seek medical attention for his burns.

The court also heard how she neglected him by repeatedly leaving her children at home alone while she conducted an affair while her husband was away serving with the RAF.

Christina Robinson subjected her son Dwelaniyah to a series of horrific beatings before killing him.

It is worth noting that although both regional and national mainstream media outlets reported on this case, a number of newspaper, TV and on-line reports were very careful in the wording of their reporting and only a handful noted the fringe, minority ethnic religious connections behind the abuse and death of the child by his own mother. A number of media reports were also guarded in giving all the details of the physical ill treatment the child had suffered in the name of Old Testament discipline.

The judge, Mr Justice Garnham, told her: “What must have gone through that little boy’s mind, being beaten with a cane by his mother, despite the terrible burns, doesn’t bear thinking about.” Jurors heard Robinson deliberately immersed him in scalding water, causing severe burns that left him in agony and failed to seek any medical treatment after.

Robinson, a member of the Black Hebrew Israelite religion, admitted hitting the little boy with a bamboo cane, but claimed she was following a Bible scripture which advised the use of the rod for the ‘correction’ of children. Investigators found a broken cane in her house which had traces of his skin and blood on it. The defendant, originally from Tamworth, Staffordshire, was convicted of murder and four child cruelty charges.

“A youngster’s heart is filled with foolishness, but physical discipline will drive it far away.”

Proverbs 22:15

The jury found that Robinson caused a fatal brain injury to her son on November 5 2022 while she was the only adult in the house. It was more than 20 minutes before she dialled 999, first speaking to her husband on the phone despite him being 240 miles away serving with the RAF, and then using Google to look at how to resuscitate a child. Robinson was also convicted of child neglect by leaving Dwelaniyah at home while she pursued an affair behind her husband’s back.

It is interesting to note that the mother, Christina Robinson, was using her religious zealotry to explain her cruelty towards her three-year-old son, but was quite prepared to break the Ten Commandments herself by committing adultery.

“The court heard Robinson, a member of the Black Hebrew Israelite religion, claimed the Bible advised the use of the rod for the “correction” of children, weeks before she murdered him.”

The British Movement Northern region web site is well aware that child abuse and child murder occurs within a handful of degenerate white British households, usually fuelled by drugs, mental illness or excessive alcoholism. But the abuse and killing of Dwelaniyah Robinson by his mother Christina Robinson was borne out of the practices of a bizarre Third World religious cult, the Black Hebrew Israelites, something that has no place in British religious culture and tradition.

“The NSPCC Campaigns Manager Helen Westerman told ITV Tyne Tees: “This has been a deeply troubling case, and our heartfelt thoughts and condolences go out to Dwelaniyah’s family and those close to him. It is devastating that a child should endure such violence and suffering, and at the hands of his mother.”

In light of the details exposed by this case, the question has to be, ‘Will police forces, social services child protection units and the NSPCC begin a nationwide investigation into the Black Hebrew Israelite cult to ensure that there is not widespread cruelty and abuse of children in pursuit of some Old Testament religious guidance?’

As this website has said many times before, the multiculturalists repeatedly tell the British public that immigrants bring “new and exciting cultural experiences to Britain” and that diversity ‘enriches our culture’.

This horrific case illustrates yet another imported culture that Britain, not just the North East of England, can well do without.


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Lower Image: Durham Police.

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