Harold Hilton: A Fighter To The Very End

harold hilton

It is with great sadness that we have to report the passing of Harold Hilton, a proud father and grandfather who was also a racial Nationalist to the very end. Harold finally lost his fight with terminal illness last week, at the age of 89.

For over forty years, he had been active in the Nationalist movement since joining the National Front in Leeds in 1980. He stood twice for the NF in local council elections, in both the Hunslet and Richmond Hill wards. At the Hunslet election count, John Gunnell, the victorious Labour candidate, made a point of shaking hands with all of the other candidates but refused to shake Harold’s hand. Unperturbed, Harold simply called him a spineless commie wanker!

He was not a member of the British Movement, but did attend a few BM gatherings during the 1980s. The latter part of that decade was a time of fragmentation and bitter infighting in Nationalist circles, and Leeds was no exception. Harold’s first love was the National Front, and he was genuinely saddened by the state of racial Nationalism. I can honestly say that he never encouraged or condoned any of the verbal or physical attacks that took place in that era.

In early 2023, Harold, by now in his late 80’s and in failing health, attended a demonstration outside of the notorious Britannia Hotel in Seacroft, Leeds. His last political activity was in June 2023 in Leeds, when over 300 patriots turned out in Leeds city centre against illegal immigration. Although too frail to join in the march around the city centre, he was proud to be among the crowd before the march and at the rally afterwards.

Harold was determined to attend the annual Yuletide get-together in Leeds. On the 16th December 2023, with the help of family members, he met up with comrades old and new in Leeds city centre. Although confined to a wheelchair, Harold was able to relive many of the past battles he was involved in with people he regarded as his family.

Harold lived his life as a racial Nationalist. His enduring legacy will be the new generations of the Hilton family who have picked up the baton of Nationalism and carry on his fight for race and nation. Harold, we salute you.

His last wish was that his comrades carry his coffin at his funeral. There was no shortage of volunteers.

Ich Hat Einen Kameraden

‘I Had A Comrade’ is a traditional German song played at memorials for the fallen. RIP Harold.

Main Image: British Movement Northern
Lower Image: BM Northern

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