Labour’s UK Kalergi Plan: Part 9

Labour’s UK Kalergi Plan Part 9

Continuing the series by council insider and Nationalist correspondent: ‘Frustrated’

Leftist organisations throughout Britain (both north and south of the Scottish border) are salivating at the prospect of tapping into a new source of millions of homeless Muslim refugees, with which to flood and diversify (Kalergify) white-working class communities.

The destructive war between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip threatens to create such a flood of millions of homeless, bombed out refugees that leftists in both the Scottish National Party and the Labour Party want to welcome and resettle them within Britain’s poor white working-class housing estates.

The ‘Scottish’ First Minister, Humza Yousaf has called on Westminster to admit many thousands of his fellow Muslims from the Gaza Strip into Britain. Yousaf recently told his SNP party conference: “There are currently around one million people displaced (by Israeli bombing) within the Gaza Strip.”

The Labour peer, Lord Alf Dubs, and other ‘British’ parliamentarians have also called for the UK to admit thousands of homeless Palestinian refugees from the ruined Gaza Strip due to Israel’s destruction of their infrastructure and the risk of diseases like cholera and TB (tuberculosis) breaking out.

The wretched 2.3 million Palestinians crammed into the tiny Gaza Strip are descendants of refugees driven out of their homeland in what is now Israel after the 1948 Arab-Israeli War. Jewish settlers now occupy their former homeland. Consequently, they are exiled in Gaza and survive in miserable and squalid conditions in what is known by most countries to be the world’s largest open air prison.

Israel wants rid of these Muslim Palestinian refugees from Gaza, as they exist dangerously near to Jews. Because they threaten the security of nearby Jews in Israel, the mass expulsion of millions of these Palestinians from Gaza to other countries in the world, including Britain, is a primary aim of Zionists.

Lord Alfred Dubs (who is Jewish) seems to want to help his fellow Jews living in Israel to ethnically cleanse some of their unwanted Muslim Palestinians by expelling them and the terrorist danger they present to Israel by dumping them in poor white working-class communities here in Britain instead. This new stream of Muslim refugees into Britain will be welcomed by left-wing groups, including the SNP and the Labour Party, that will happily receive them into their expanding network of “vibrant” ‘sanctuary cities’ throughout the United Kingdom. Then, their local left-wing councils can redistribute them to diversify and “Kalergify” previously boring, “hideously white” working-class towns and communities.

Ever since Sir Keir Starmer replaced Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Labour Party in 2020, he has appointed his shadow cabinet, almost all from supporters of the ‘Labour Friends of Israel’, so an incoming Labour government will be a big supporter of the Jewish state in fighting their Muslim foes.

Such a Zionist, incoming Labour government, will also seek to please Israel’s Knesset by supporting Lord Dubs call to transfer their unwanted Palestinians from Gaza to Labour’s network of ‘sanctuary cities’ in the UK, as part of Labour’s diversity drive to replace white Britons with non-white migrants.

I can vaguely remember a saying from when I was a boy that adults used to say to each other when someone was thinking of voting for the Labour Party. I may be paraphrasing, but I think it went something like this: “If you no longer want an English person for a neighbour, vote Labour.” It was very true! This might also admit some dangerous Islamic terrorists, but Labour has a track record of putting the interests of dodgy, radical Islamic ‘asylum seekers’ before the safety and security of the British people.

In November 1997, Tony Blair’s New Labour government prevented the risky radical Libyan Islamist, Ramadan Adebi from being deported from Britain at the eleventh hour by granting him his refugee status. He had earlier lost many bogus claims for asylum under the Tory government of John Major!

So Labour’s liberal immigration controls enabled his son, Salman Adebi to grow up in Manchester and under the influence of his radical Islamic father, he became the fanatical Islamic State (ISIS) suicide bomber that murdered 22 and injured hundreds more of our mostly young, white English girls attending the Ariane Grande musical concert at the Manchester Arena in 2017. Thanks Labour!

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Top Image: Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi, creator of the plan, pictured c. 1930. Unknown photographer, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons.

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