Pakistan Puts Its Own People First

pakistan deports afghans

The liberalism that infects the White world drains the will to survive from each and every one of those nations. In Britain, France, Germany, Sweden and every other infected country, the indigenous peoples are being replaced by newcomers from a different racial stock.*

Arriving by plane, boat and on foot (because of Schengen), the newcomers are seen by the establishment as equal to the indigenous population, whose roots are in the land and stretch back hundreds of generations. We need immigrants, the liberal politicians all tell us, because we have an ‘aging population’ and we need these people to fill job vacancies, pay our pensions ad nauseum. These politicians, liberals to a man, and despite whatever party they may represent, speak with a single, welcoming voice.

In the real, non-liberal world, other nations are not held in the grip of this self-hating death cult. The Daily Telegraph reported yesterday (October 3, 2023) that Pakistan has ordered some 1.7 million Afghans living illegally in the country to leave by the end of the month or face deportation. It also suggested that the clampdown could be extended to everyone who has moved to Pakistan from its basket case neighbour.

“The illegal immigrants and illegal foreign nationals who are living in Pakistan are given a deadline of November 1,” Sarfraz Bugti, Pakistan’s caretaker interior minister, told reporters in Islamabad.

“If they do not go … then all the law enforcement agencies in the provinces or federal government will be utilised to deport them.”

APP went further, however, citing government sources as saying that the administration wanted all Afghans to leave.

“In the first phase, illegal residents, in the second phase, those with Afghan citizenship, and in the third phase, those with proof of residence cards will be expelled,” it said.

What a contrast with our liberal, Conservative government. Home Secretary Suella Braverman has promised to ‘get tough’ on illegal immigration and take back control of our borders. I thought that was the whole point of Brexit? Or were we lied to again?

The same slogans that the Tory faithful are cheering at their conference in Manchester today are the same slogans that have been spouted by these ‘right-wing’ liberals since the 1960’s. Back in 1979, Thatcher spoke about people’s fears of ‘being swamped’ by immigration and it won her the General Election. Yet today, we have record numbers of immigrants coming to our small, overcrowded island.

And unfortunately the gullible are still fooled and will vote Tory to control immigration.

*The UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples which was adopted by the UN General in 2007, for the first time in history, declared that the indigenous peoples’ right to exist was a legal right. We will not be replaced!

The Telegraph report that will have liberals and the left up in arms.


Top Image: ajvhan, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons. Afghan child refugees.

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