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The annual Heritage & Destiny conference was held on September 9 in the Lancashire village of Samlesbury, just to the east of Preston. The meeting was entitled “Honour the Past – Conquer the Future” and honoured four great British nationalists: Derek Beackon, Andrew Brons, Sir Oswald Mosley and Ian Stuart Donaldson.

The BM was well represented, both behind the scenes and in the audience. The British Movement Leader Guard carried out security duties, and the British Movement Women’s Division provided an excellent buffet.

Two BM speakers addressed the audience, Benny from Whitelaw and the BM National Secretary, Steve Frost. Unfortunately, only Steve’s video is available at the moment. We have also included the speech of 19-year-old Isabel Peralta, a National Socialist from Spain. Once again, Isabel was held by anti-terrorism police upon arrival on our shores, despite never having been charged with any offence in any country.

The following videos and accompanying text are reproduced from the Heritage & Destiny website here>>

Steve Frost Speaks At The Conference

Stephen Frost, National Secretary of British Movement, acknowledged that our movement of resistance to multicultural decay is a ‘broad church’ of patriots, not all of whom by any means are national socialists (as represented by BM and Colin Jordan’s earlier organisations). Yet as he emphasised, BM has always been prepared to lend its support to sincere comrades from other groups and parties – at demonstrations, election campaigns and at meetings such as this one.

Steve added that the task of all nationalists is to spread propaganda for our cause by any and every means and format: whether old-school with hard copy leaflets and newspapers or by more modern means using the internet including social media. The propaganda war is bringing increasing numbers to realisation of the essential truth of our values. Stephen Frost and BM have utilised these propaganda methods, via such means as the ‘Under the Sunwheel’ podcast. Colin Jordan’s political legacy continues to inspire new generations of activists.

Steve Frost

Benny From Whitelaw Speaks At The Conference (video to follow)

View the video here >>

Stephen Frost’s co-host at ‘Under the Sunwheel’, Benny, lead singer of the Rock Against Communism band Whitelaw, spoke in tribute to Ian Stuart, founder of Blood & Honour and lead singer of Skrewdriver, who tragically died 30 years ago this month.

Benny pointed out that Ian Stuart’s dedication to race and nation led him to turn his back on a lucrative career in ‘mainstream’ music (an industry controlled by the usual suspects). Ian achieved far more than the wealth and fame that was accrued by some of his contemporaries after they sold out. The legacy of Ian Stuart and Skrewdriver continues to inspire new generations of patriots throughout the White world.

Isabel Peralta Speaks At The Conference (speaking in Spanish with an English translation being read by Peter Rushton).

‘Anti-fascist’ hysteria during recent days has focused on our European correspondent, Isabel Peralta, who spoke of her conviction that political faith, loyalty, honour and fanaticism can move mountains.

Isabel called on racial nationalists to show the spirit of Leonidas and his 300 Spartans defending Europe at Thermopylae, and of the national socialist martyrs who fell in Munich in 1923, almost a decade before the triumph of their cause.

The true European spirit is alive in our hearts and will triumph: those H&D readers and European nationalists lucky enough to know Isabel Peralta will never doubt it.

Isabel Peralta

During the break, Steve met Isabel, our Spanish National Socialist comrade, who complemented him on his speech.

National Socialist fighter and Heritage & Destiny correspondent, Isabel Peralta 


Top Image: British Movement Northern (with thanks to H&D).

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