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Britain has a reputation as a nation of animal lovers, but is that really true? When it comes to treating animals as sentient beings, many of our fellow citizens fall far-short of what should be the norm.

A few weeks ago we published how an Asian from Bradford had groomed horses and a donkey before having sex with the horse. He was caught after the police monitored the field where the horses were stabled. In this instance the foreign pervert was rightly jailed.

Hot on the heels of that sickening abuse comes news of another vile animal related crime that was not widely published in the UK. A special thanks go to Nigel in Australia for alerting us to this report. Readers of a sensitive nature may wish to skip this post.

The depths of depravity is highlighted in the following report about a home-grown pervert called Douglas Moore, of Manchester. Moore, a 34-year-old, was jailed for five years at Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court on October 5 after having been convicted of a total of 24 counts including:

Intercourse with an animal.
Causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal.
Possession of an extreme pornographic image/images portraying an act of intercourse/oral sex with a dead/alive animal.
Intentionally encouraging or assisting the commission of an offence of intercourse with an animal.
Making an indecent photograph/pseudo-photograph of a child.
Attempting to arrange the commission of a child sex offence.
Publishing an obscene online article.
Possession of a controlled drug of Class B – Cannabis/Cannabis resin.

While investigating another offence last year, the Metropolitan police found ‘sickening video’ footage of a dog being subjected to physical and sexual abuse. The video was so distressing that senior officers had to be called in and a warrant was sought to rescue the animal, as well as arrest the pervert.

An obese loner, Moore was taken into custody at his Stockport home on November 8 2021, on suspicion of bestiality, possession of extreme pornography and causing unnecessary suffering to an animal.

Pervert Douglas Moore was convicted of bestiality, possession of extreme pornography and causing unnecessary suffering to an animal.

Analysis of his phone and computers revealed he had also tried to set up meetings to abuse dogs and children and searched for opportunities to swap and share material with other abusers. His phone also revealed that he had been committing abhorrent sex acts on the dog for a long period of time and had viewed even more extreme content of animals and humans on the internet.

PC Pete Howes, from the Online Child Sexual Abuse & Exploitation Command, said: ‘Upon discovery of the original video we took immediate and decisive action to identify Moore and save the dog.

‘I am happy to say the dog is now safe and well and being cared for. The scale of evidence compiled meant Moore was left with no option but to plead guilty. I’m pleased he is now in jail where he belongs.’

‘It is no exaggeration to say that this investigation may well have spared more animals, and humans, from coming to incredibly serious harm.’

He was also found with cannabis and to be writing obscene articles online. One of the few ‘newspapers’ to feature the crime was the Sunday Sport tabloid. It carried a photo of Moore, who it described as a ‘Fatso nonce’ and a ‘dog nonce’. We couldn’t have put it better ourselves.

It comes as no surprise to us in the BM that a number of very sick individuals are intent on preying on trusting animals for their own sexual and sadistic gratification. These inadequate individuals have been boldened by being able to reach out to like-minded sickos over the internet.

People like Moore, a paedophile and a zoophile (somebody who has sex with animals), are not welcome in the folk community we are building, where animals are afforded the respect they deserve.


“For the German people, animals are not just living things in an organic sense, but creatures who have their own unique feelings, who feel pain, joy, and show loyalty and affection.

“Never would the German people’s love for animals permit them to treat animals as objects without feelings or souls, to be used only as tools, or to be exploited, to be discarded, whether for reasons of usefulness or not, or to be tortured or destroyed for the same reasons.”

“The fairy-tales and sagas of the Aryan peoples, especially the German people, tell of the spiritual harmony that exists between the Aryan people and the animals.”

Herman Goering, radio address, August 28, 1933.

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