Helping To Look After Our Own

looking after our own

Benny, the lead singer of the RAC band Whitelaw, has sent in this short report on the good work being carried out quietly behind the scenes, helping to raise money for worthwhile causes. Those involved in this fundraising selflessly donate their time and money, often in the face of harassment from Red thugs who have been tipped-off about the location of these charitable events.

One notorious group is the Marxist ‘charity’, Hope Not Hate (HnH), which even the far left accuse of being state agents. HnH is a cash cow for a number of people, including Nick Lowles and the money obsessed rat Matthew Collins. HnH often leak details of when and where their opponents meetings are, knowing full well that their supporters will then ring up and threaten the venues in the hope of having them cancelled. What other ‘charity’ behaves in this way?

Benny’s Report

A short while ago, in May 2024, a friend of our band contacted us to say they were putting on a concert to raise money for a children’s hospice, where seriously ill children are cared for. The gig was billed as ‘Chads Birthday Party’ with a host of bands from the Oi! music scene playing.

The gig was in Liverpool, in the North West of England. It was a private event, with flyers posted on the internet. Hope not Hate (or Hate not Hope as they are more commonly known), who work for government agencies and are echo terrorists, always trying to stir hatred up towards anyone who doesn’t go along with their narrative and are led by the Marxist Nick (Lowlife) Lowles. HnH decided to launch a campaign of hate directed at Chad, the organiser.

The gig went ahead despite Lowles continued attempts to get it cancelled, sending his equally deranged supporters and using the Liverpool media, mainly the Liverpool Echo, to do his dirty work as always. The locals welcomed the event, which was held outside on a glorious sunny day, even to the extent that they chased off demonstrators who appeared masked up with banners trying to cause provocation.

Despite every dirty underhanded trick that these left-wing Marxist’s tried, Chad and the bands, as well as the supporters on the day, managed to raise £1,038 for the children suffering from cancer. We would like to say well done to everyone involved that day, especially Chad, who came under massive personal abuse from Marxist Lowles, who incidentally knew that this was a fundraising event for seriously ill children as it was advertised on the original poster.

Looking After Our Own is what we do; Communists and Marxists just show their true colours yet again. Total Vermin the lot of them.


Benny Whitelaw.

Hope not Hate Income and expenditure

The HnH LinkedIn page gives the company size as between 11 and 50 employees, while the Charity Commission for England and Wales gives the following breakdown of the income and expenditure for the financial year ending 31 December 2022.


Top Image: Benny.
Lower Image: Charity Commission for England and Wales website.

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