Labour’s ‘Diversity’ Drive Against ‘Rural Racists’!


An article by Nationalist contributor and council insider, ‘Frustrated’.

In 2023, I described how the native White residents living near Chat Moss in rural Irlam had a narrow escape from the ‘Places for Everyone’ (immigrants) development masterplan of nine Greater Manchester districts. But many areas did lose ‘green belt’ status so enabling development.

Greater Manchester’s population is rocketing due to mass immigration, which is worsening our chronic homeless crisis. The cost of accommodation has never been higher, with both house prices and housing rentals going through the roof! Consequently, there is now increasing pressure to build more houses on ‘green belt’ land. Otherwise, the existing housing stock will simply not be able to satisfy demand and homes will become increasingly unaffordable for most Mancunians.

The best way to reduce house prices in an overcrowded island like Britain is to stop immigration. But the Labour Party opposes doing this for political and ideological reasons. This was revealed by Labour insider Andrew Neather, who confirmed that Tony Blair’s Labour Government engineered immigration to turn the UK into a multicultural country. (Google: Andrew Neather immigration or Labour’s UK Kalergi Plan.)

Therefore, instead of stopping immigration, Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer, has promised to build “the next generation” of Labour new towns, along with 1.5 million new homes to house Britain’s soaring population. This is driven by the mass immigration of Asians and Africans into Britain.

Those who already own a nice valuable home in a quiet area fear proposed housing development, as it devalues their homes as non-white incomers ‘diversify’ their locality and cause ‘white flight’. So even British homeowners who may sympathise with the plight of our young people who can no longer afford a home may still become ‘NIMBY’S’ who oppose the new nearby housing developments.

These ‘NIMBYS’ might be White British people who have already gone through the distressing and expensive process of moving house in order to escape the nearby presence of unruly immigrants. Because the worry caused to native white homeowners by a proposed housing development can ruin their quality of life, it is not surprising they become ‘NIMBYS’ who oppose such developments.

Leftist zealots are now accusing white people who want to live in the British countryside of being ‘rural racists’ who do not want to live amongst non-white immigrants in the cities! These left-wing fanatics feel politically motivated to ‘diversify’ the countryside with an influx of immigrants in new housing.

If Labour wins the next general election, they will ease planning laws enabling them to build millions of small, substandard, ‘shitty” homes in which to cram millions of homeless White British people and immigrants together. These ‘homes’ will not only be built on ‘brown field’ sites. They will also be built on our precious ‘green belt’ land, so that Labour can then ‘integrate’ millions of immigrants into white ‘rural racist’ communities that they feel are dodging the Labour Party’s diversity drive.

Last year, I gladly reported the ten-year protest by the White community near Chat Moss in rural Irlam had won their campaign to stop the proposed ‘Places for Everyone’ (immigrant) housing development. Sadly, similar protests failed, so Labour’s politically motivated development ‘diversity’ drive will go ahead in their overwhelmingly white rural countryside communities.

Main Image: A quintessential Swaledale scene. Photo by Ian Cylkowski on Unsplash.

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