Pity Our Young People Who Can No Longer Afford A Home!

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An article by Nationalist contributor and council insider ‘Frustrated’.

Most British homeowners will sympathise with the plight of our poor young people who cannot afford to get on the housing ladder because the Tories and Labour failed to control immigration.

Britain’s surging population has created a housing shortage, driving up the price of housing. Homeowners have seen the price of their homes soar. Landlords have also profited from an increasingly competitive rental market that drives up the rents they can demand from tenants.

The homeless crisis has worsened recently, especially in towns where the Home Office decided to place (dump) illegal immigrants. Greater Manchester, including the Labour run ‘Sanctuary City’ of Salford, is one such region that is suffering. This follows the government’s promise to clear the huge backlog of ‘asylum seekers’ accommodated in local hotels before the General Election!

In order to clear this backlog, the government has streamlined the asylum decision making process with ‘asylum questionnaires’, so with the aid of lefty lawyers, migrants can easily win their claims. So thousands of migrants have effectively been given an amnesty and are now leaving taxpayer funded hotel places to join the local council’s social housing waiting lists that are already very long.

The resulting surge in homelessness cases by thousands of migrants at council offices demanding accommodation is now creating ‘unmanageable demands’ on the statutory homeless services of the Greater Manchester councils and lengthening the wait of British people for a house or flat.

Emergency measures are being taken by Labour run ‘sanctuary cities’ such as Salford City Council to provide overnight shelter in their schools for these newly made homeless, mostly young Muslim men, so that they do not have to sleep rough in tents. Otherwise, their ‘creepy’ presence near to local housing would alarm residents, especially parents of young girls, who fear Muslim ‘grooming’ and rape gangs. I recall no prior concern by Salford Council to supply emergency shelter for homeless veterans!

The closing of hotels to migrants has prompted taxpayer funded migrant dispersal companies such as Serco, to seek alternative housing for migrants with private landlords. Landlords are being offered 5-year guaranteed income tenancy and maintenance deals that British tenants cannot match. So it is more profitable for them to evict ordinary British tenants and replace them with immigrants!

Getting on the housing ladder used to be the way that young people bettered themselves. By buying an appreciating asset they gained a stake in society, improved their social mobility and status. they also freed themselves from paying ‘dead money’ in rent to a landlord. But uncontrolled mass immigration has closed off this traditional route out of poverty for young White working class people.

Because buying a home traditionally offered a way out of poverty for millions of our young people, it was usually discouraged by the Labour Party. Labour wanted to keep people poor so they would continue to vote Labour! They also wanted to control people by keeping them renting their homes from the social housing stock of their local council. So in the 1980’s Labour opposed the Tories discounted sale of council houses to longstanding tenants who aspired to own their council houses.

The legacy of Tony Blair’s New Labour mass immigration policy has now made it very difficult for our young people to secure a home. But Labour’s worst crime against them was not economic. It was the destruction of their British national identity, that should have been their birthright!

Patriots must inform them of Labour’s treason against them so they never vote Labour, I feel that we can do this by introducing them to the Andrew Neather immigration statement or Labour’s UK Kalergi Plan, getting them to Google this material themselves if necessary.


Top Image: Photo by Tierra Mallorca on Unsplash.

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  1. Buying a house simply continues to feed the Beast. Let’s all live in tents to starve the Beast !

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