Heritage and Destiny Memorial Meeting 2022

Heritage and Destiny 2022 Richard Edmonds, Colin Jordan & John Tyndall Memorial Meeting

The 2022 Richard Edmonds, Colin Jordan and John Tyndall Memorial Meeting was held on Sunday 25th September 2022 in Preston, Lancashire.

Organised by Heritage & Destiny magazine, this was a pan-Nationalist event, fully supported by British Movement. In addition to the two BM speakers across the afternoon, BM supporters and activists were also in the audience. BM provided the security team for the venue, British Movement Womens Division provided the catering and buffet, and there was a BM sales table in the meeting hall.

This was the first such meeting organised by H&D since the Covid 19 lockdowns forced large scale indoor British Nationalist gatherings to be put on hold. The audience here at Preston represented a cross section of British Nationalism with a number of organisations and publications represented.

The meeting was opened by H&D editor Mark Cotterill and was chaired by veteran British Nationalist Keith Axon. The meeting started with a minute’s silence for all those British Nationalists who have passed away over the last two years and the assembled audience respectfully took part in this part of the event.

The first speaker of the day was Benny Bullman, well known BM activist and lead singer of the Rock Against Communism band Whitelaw. Benny reminded the audience that September marked the anniversary of the death of Ian Stuart and the contribution that Ian Stuart had made to the cause of racial Nationalism and National Socialism both in Britain and across the world.

Benny outlined his own range of activities and emphasised how he uses his role in Rock Against Communism to advance both racial Nationalist and British Movement ideals. He then went on to talk about the need for the nationalist movement in Britain to look beyond the usual political campaigning and to look into broader White community developments.

Benny Bullman, BM activist and lead singer of the Rock Against Communism band Whitelaw.

Other speakers across the afternoon were Dr. James Lewthwaite from the British Democrats, who offered an interesting and informative analysis of recent riots in both Leicester and Birmingham between rival Asian religious factions, the incompatibility of Hindu and Muslim cultures and the inevitable failure of multi-culturalism.

The deputy leader of Patriotic Alternative, Laura Towler, was the next speaker and she gave an account of PA’s current range of political campaigning, the increased output of literature by PA, banner drops and other high-profile tactics. She also outlined PA’s intention to register as a political party in order to take part in elections and the contrived state obstacles currently hindering that process.

The International guest speaker was the Spanish NS activist Isabel Peralta from Madrid. She gave a passionate and determined speech in Spanish which was translated into English by Peter Rushton. It was also made clear to the audience the level of obstruction experienced by the young Spaniard from Border Agency/police when she arrived at Manchester airport on her first arrival in the UK.

The next speaker was the academic John Kersay who gave the audience a highly detailed analysis of the activities of the New World Order, the role of the WEF and related bodies, the Covid 19 pandemic and the threat of growing pressures of the Great Reset.

The BM National Secretary Steve Frost then took to the speaker’s platform and gave a two-part speech; first giving a brief history of his own association with the three individuals being honoured at the meeting, Colin Jordan, John Tyndall and Richard Edmonds.

He then moved on to question the present situation in Britain, the need for a broad Nationalist response from all organisations, the need to build a strong propaganda campaign across the board, to keep an awareness of the State’s shifting police interpretation of what constitutes ‘extremism’.

Steve also picked up on the threads laid in Benny’s speech for the need for ‘Looking After Our Own’ and how BM operates this project. The BM National Secretary closed his speech with a confirmation of belief in the Fourteen Words. The assistant editor of Heritage & Destiny, Peter Rushton gave the concluding speech to the meeting.

This was an important meeting for British Nationalism and brought together representatives from across the wider nationalist movement. It provided an opportunity for British Movement to demonstrate its ability to support pan-Nationalist activities without seeking to dominate or takeover the event from its sponsors but to show by example that BM has a contribution to make and acts professionally when its activists take part in events such as this.

**** The entire meeting, including the speeches and interviews were filmed and Heritage and Destiny intend to present the full event on social media channels in the near future. The BM Northern website will embed the link to the video when it is published.

Spanish NS activist Isabel Peralta from Madrid.

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