‘It’s Not A Cow, It’s A Mare’

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Reports about the potential threat to Europe from allowing undocumented illegal immigrants access has emerged, although the story has been hidden by the controlled media.

Poland declared a state of emergency on its border with Belarus, the former Soviet Socialist Republic governed by Alexander Lukashenko, after the Stalinist regime in Minsk began pushing migrants from Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia into the country and the neighbouring EU member-state of Lithuania earlier this year.

Lukashenko is accused of engineering the crisis to punish Poland and Lithuania for offering refuge and moral support to Belarusian dissidents. Despite all of the threats and squeals of outrage from the EU, Poland is standing firm.

Poland’s Interior Minister, Mariusz Kamiński, held a press conference to reveal that mobile telephones recovered from migrants at the border feature child pornography, acts of bestiality and terrorist atrocities.

In what has become known as ‘Kamiński’s Cow’, certain elements in the media have picked up on the fact that an image of a man sexually abusing an animal found on one of the telephones was not a cow, but a mare. Bizarrely they went on to splutter “What government expert mistook a cow for a mare?”

Other confiscated phones had videos of Islamic State, known terrorists and executions. The same media claimed that just because someone had downloaded these video’s does not mean they are involved or supported these groups.

The Interior Minister, for his part, looks set to stand by his position that evidence of “sexually distorted persons” among the migrants is reason enough to keep them out of Poland.

The British Movement supports the Polish authorities 100% in their efforts to keep these potential terrorists and sexual deviants out of their homeland and Europe. We just wish someone over here would do the same.

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