The ‘Little Amal’ Circus Is On Its Way To Manchester

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‘Little Amal’ – a multi-culturalist publicity stunt – is set to end in Manchester on November 3rd. The 8,000 kilometre march across Europe and the UK by an eleven and a half foot tall puppet, complete with a 30 strong band of operators and support crew, today arrived in Folkestone.

Constructed by professional theatre puppeteers from the UK-based Handspring Puppet Company, the 11 and a half foot tall manikin was symbolically assembled in Turkey to begin the ‘refugee journey’ from the town of Gaziantep.

The much trumpeted journey on foot across Europe to Britain was said to be “taking its message of displacement, loss, dignity and hope to places across Europe.” The puppet was named ‘Little Amal’ and its creators claim that it represents the figure of a ‘nine year old Syrian refugee girl’.

The route for the trip follows the land routes taken by thousands of illegal immigrants, not just from Syria, but from across Asia, Africa and the Middle East. This is multi-culturalist propaganda on a grand scale and fully in the spirit of ‘The Great Replacement’.

One has to wonder how many ordinary folk have been duped into supporting or donating to this Marxist enterprise, believing it to be some sort of charity event? Wherever this example of ‘street-theatre’ has appeared during its journey, left-wing activists have rallied to welcome its arrival, and have staged many photo-opportunities with ‘real asylum-seekers and refugees’ to enforce the media impact.

In Rome, a carefully manipulated propaganda opportunity included a blessing by the Pope outside the Vatican, however not every town or village was as welcoming and in northern Greece a local council, led by the mayor, refused to receive “a Muslim doll from Syria”.

The ‘Little Amal’ puppet and its operators and attendants entered the UK today (19.10.21), symbolically making an appearance on the beach at Folkestone in Kent, where many thousands of illegal immigrants have landed in the UK this year.

The ‘Little Amal’ road-show then moves on to the cathedral town of Canterbury, before making the obligatory visit to London, then onwards to Oxford, Birmingham and Coventry before heading North.

After Birmingham, the multi-culturalist circus moves on into Yorkshire, stopping off in Sheffield for the rehearsed ‘welcome’ event before travelling a few miles to stop over in Barnsley. Why Barnsley was chosen we have no idea, unless of course the organisers believe that Barnsley is a former coal mining town with a long legacy of left-wing politics.

Finally the puppet and collected gaggle of refugee supporters and liberal apologists descends on Manchester for the grand finale. Manchester City Council will of course want to be a the fore-front of celebrating ‘Little Amal’s’ completion of its ‘international trek for humanity’. As one gushing left-wing journalist described the journey, “An 8,000 Km stage”.

There can be little doubt that every Marxist, neo-liberal, social justice warrior and globalist politico will be pulling out all the stops to generate a carefully choreographed reception for ‘Little Amal’ and its support team in the Manchester city centre. We wonder how much council tax payer’s money has gone into the welcoming parties for ‘Little Amal’.

Of course all the usual left-leaning mainstream media outlets are singing the praises for this highly orchestrated spectacle, a veritable exhibition of internationalism and support for the globalist/refugee cause.

No doubt at least one of the main TV channels will screen a documentary recording the passage through Europe of this symbol of multi-ethnic co-operation.

A multi-culturalist stunt if ever there was one, organised, funded and supported by an international network of Left-wing and Cultural-Marxist organisations and globalist activists.

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