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After the release of Part Three of the review into ‘Operation Span’, the name given to the Rochdale grooming gang investigation (reported on this site here), BM activists from Greater Manchester visited the town to show support for the victims and to let them know that they were not forgotten.

On the evening of Monday, January 29, National Socialist comrades put up anti-paedophile posters around the centre of the town before unfurling a banner outside of the council offices. Rochdale Council and Greater Manchester Police covered up the rape and abuse of children (some as young as 12-years-old) for fear of being called racist.

The report also uncovered a deep-rooted contempt by the authorities for the White working class. Both the police and the ruling Labour Party regarded the girls as being worthless and complicit in the abuse. Voters should bear this in mind when casting their votes next May.

Images were also taken next to the Cenotaph, located next to the Town Hall.

Manchester Awake!


All Images: BM Northern Region

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