Labour – Enabling the Massacre of Mancunians

Victims of the Manchester Arena bombing.

An article by council insider and Nationalist guest correspondent ‘Frustrated’.

Ramadan Adebi, was a militant Libyan Muslim who came to Britain in July 1993 ostensibly to seek sanctuary (asylum) from the Libyan regime of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. Consequently, his son, Salman Abedi, was born in Manchester the next year on 31st December 1994.

Tragically, (but not surprisingly due to the influence of his radical Islamic father) he grew up to become the fanatical Islamic State (ISIS) suicide bomber that murdered 22 and injured 1,017 mostly young, white English girls attending the Ariana Grande musical concert at the Manchester Arena on May 22nd 2017.

However, Salman Abedi should never have been allowed to grow up in Manchester, because his radical Islamic father, Ramadan Abedi should have been deported after continually losing his numerous bogus claims for asylum during the Conservative government of John Major.

Ramadan Abedi’s numerous claims for asylum were repeatedly rejected as they were deemed to be unbelievable. Abedi was also considered to be a dodgy character from an uncertain back ground. Most damningly, he had failed to claim asylum in other safe countries he had lived in or passed through before he finally made his way to Britain to claim asylum!

However, Ramadan Abedi was able to delay being deported from Britain with the legal aid of sympathetic, left-wing lawyers and persistently, if unsuccessfully, appealing against his rejected claims for asylum under the Conservative government. But Ramadan Abedi’s exploiting of the asylum system, by dragging out the legal process with persistent appeals, paid off for him.

Eventually there was a General Election in May 1997, in which the Tories were defeated by Tony Blair’s Labour Party which was in favour of much looser immigration controls. Indeed, we now know that Blair’s Labour government engineered mass immigration to make Britain “truly multi-cultural” and to boost Labour’s black and Muslim vote!

Tony Blair’s new Home Secretary, Jack Straw, was particularly indebted to Labour’s huge Asian/Muslim block vote that had helped him to win his parliamentary seat in Blackburn. Therefore, one of Jack Straw’s first acts as the new Home Secretary was to honour a promise Labour had made to its Muslim voters to loosen immigration controls and abolish one of Britain’s toughest immigration laws which was known as the “primary purpose rule”.

Jack Straw’s scrapping of the “primary purpose rule” delighted Labour’s millions of Asian and Muslim supporters because they could now move their large extended families into Britain by simply arranging an overseas marriage partner without having to prove that the primary purpose for their marriage was not to exploit the generous welfare benefits of British citizenship.

Ramadan Abedi also benefitted from Labour’s loosening of immigration controls. After years of having his appeals rejected under the Conservative government, he finally managed to win his refugee status on November 28th 1997 under the lenient Labour government of Blair. Moreover, in 2002, after a further application. Ramadan Abedi was granted indefinite leave to remain in the United Kingdom and even granted British citizenship in 2007, all under Labour!

Consequently, his son, Salman Abedi, grew up in Manchester. But Salman and his younger brother Hashem felt no affinity for Britain or their white neighbours. They hated Britain for involvement in the American led war against their real Muslim kinfolk in the Middle-East. According to Salman Abedi’s sister, his attack was motivated by the deaths of Muslim children from American and British air strikes during the Syrian civil war for which he wanted revenge.

Consequently, Salman Abedi chose the thousands of young white British girls attending the Ariana Grande concert at the Manchester Arena on May 22nd 2017 as a fitting target for his improvised explosive device, with nuts and bolts as shrapnel, that he carried in a big backpack. As thousands of young British girls were leaving the arena at the end of the concert, Salman Abedi entered the crowded foyer and detonated his bomb killing 22 and injuring 1,017 people.

Salman Abedi’s younger brother, Hashem Adebi, had aided his brother in planning the massacre. Hashem Abedi had also sourced the explosive materials that were used in the bombing, for which he was sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum term of 55 years.

Alarmingly, as recently reported on this website, Labour’s mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham, seems to be enabling bogus, potentially dangerous Muslim ‘asylum seekers’ to cheat the system, just like Ramadan Abedi did, which then enabled the attack carried out by his sons!

Burnham wrote a letter on March 24th 2023 to Home Secretary Suella Braverman, which would enable as many unvetted, dodgy illegal immigrants as possible to win their mostly bogus asylum claims. He urged Braverman to give more time for ‘asylum seekers’ to “access scarce (legal) advice, in order to protect their claim”, and not to have their claims (and associated legal and financial support) withdrawn even if they do not bother to complete and return their new fast track asylum questionnaires in the required time!

He also urged the Home Secretary to “fully review the Legal Aid System to ensure it is fit for purpose”. This would help unscrupulous and politically motivated left-wing lawyers to repeatedly appeal against negative asylum decisions and drag out the legal process to delay deportations until, as in the case of Ramadan Abedi, a change to a lenient Labour government would then help them to win refugee status.

In the aftermath of the Arena bombing, the media reported that the security services had “missed opportunities” to prevent the Manchester Arena attack by Salman Abedi. But I fear such murderous Islamic terror attacks are inevitable as Britain’s Muslim population mushrooms and so long as our successive governments involve Britain in the Middle-East conflicts. The Abedi brothers’ devastating massacre of our young British girls demonstrated that their true loyalty was to the Islamic State (ISIS) and their own Muslim people in the Middle-East.

I suspect that many thousands of other ‘British Muslims share their same loyalty to the Islamic State and that they too harbour feelings of revenge against us for the ‘war crimes’ committed in our name by our successive Labour and Conservative governments in recent decades.


Top Image: Public Domain: Victims of the Manchester Arena bombing.
Bottom: Labour Party activists celebrate a successful election campaign in Manchester.

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