Massive Over Reaction to BM Stickers In Liverpool

On Thursday, March 7th 2024, a British Movement member resident on Merseyside contacted the BM Sunwheel Office to notify the team that “the Liverpool Echo is having a hissy fit about BM stickers near to Lime Street railway station.”

The office team checked online, and sure enough, the March 7th news reports in the Liverpool Echo were in a wild state of excitement over a single BM sticker that featured Rudolf Hess.

Below is the strap line for the Liverpool Echo report; measured and accurate journalism it is not: “Horrific Nazi poster found in city centre ‘not representative’ of Liverpool. The poster praised a leading member of the Nazi Party as a “martyr of peace.” The rest of the news report was in the same hysterical vein, and we have reproduced extracts from it here so that our readers can judge for themselves.

“A poster promoting the British Movement organisation was found in the city centre. The sticker, which the ECHO has chosen not to publish, states Nazi Rudolf Hess was a ‘Martyr for Peace’. It was discovered stuck on a lampost near Lime Street station. The ECHO understands the poster has now been reported and removed – but others are said to have been spotted around St Michael’s.”

The rest of the report went on to criticise BM generally, and appears to have been an excuse to interview as many representatives of anti-fascist and anti-racist organisations as possible, together with a general opportunity for Liverpool City Council to flaunt its commitment to multiculturalism and the promotion of a
multi-racial Liverpool.

Apparently, the Liverpool Echo is appalled by British Movement’s promotion of the ‘Fourteen Words’ and wrongly attributes the motto of the ‘Fourteen Words’ to the Klan, when in fact it was first promoted by the American racial Nationalist activist David Lane, who spelled out the slogan after taking the basic message
from a much longer declaration on race by Adolf Hitler.

“The British Movement organisation wishes to “secure the existence of our people and a future for white children”, according to its website – the same website found on the poster. It also states the “time has come for the British to wake up,” while other messages read: “End violence against whites” and “Stop building mosques in Britain.”

A member of the Liverpool Against Hate group added: “The British Movement, one of a growing number of far-right organisations with their sights on Liverpool, use stickers proclaiming Rudolph Hess a “martyr for peace”, calling queer communities a poison and using the 14 words of the klan. “The aim of this is to spread division and hatred within our communities and turn us against our neighbours. As a city, we must stand against racism, antisemitism, homophobia and transphobia.”

Apparently, Liverpool Against Hate is aware of other BM sticker campaigns in the North West and used the Rudolf Hess sticker as a platform to attack all BM street propaganda. And as stated above, Liverpool City Council had to jump on this bandwagon. “Liverpool City Council were also alerted to the poster. It comes weeks after the council said no form of racism “will be tolerated in our city” on Holocaust Memorial Day. The Lord Mayor of Liverpool, councillor Mary Rasmussen, said the council was committed to working with and supporting all faith and community groups across the area.”

Almost unbelievably, the appearance of this single sticker promoted an immediate notification to the Community Security Trust, the Jewish organisation funded to protect synagogues and Jewish schools as well as to spearhead campaigns against anti-Semitism. Apparently a sticker featuring Rudolf Hess is an issue around which to mobilise.

“The far right will always try to divide communities by spreading its hateful propaganda, and there is nothing more hateful than glorifying high-ranking Nazis like Rudolf Hess. The best approach is to report any further examples and ensure they are removed as swiftly as possible.”

The British Movement sticker, which the Liverpool Echo described as a ‘poster’, is merely a tribute to Rudolf Hess and an acknowledgement that he came to Britain in wartime to seek a peace treaty between Germany and Great Britain and then remained a prisoner of the Allied powers until his death in Spandau Prison after 46 years in captivity.

British Movement Northern region remains surprised at the level of exaggeration and overreaction by the journalists at the Liverpool Echo to just one BM sticker in the city centre. We wonder how the Liverpool Echo and its collection of anti-racist commentators will react when BM North-West activists really start to spread BM street propaganda through the city on a large scale.


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Lower Image: BM Northern.

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  1. It’s just a matter of pressing the right button to trigger off these traitors. Brilliant publicity.

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