More Northern Hotels Close Their Doors To Paying Guests

humber view hotel

Main Image: The Humber View Hotel sign was vandalised.

Over the last couple of weeks a growing number of hotels in the north of England have closed their doors to paying customers and have become migrant accommodation. Bookings have been cancelled, often at very short notice, to ready the hotel for its new guests. A developing trend seems to be that the Home Office is using hotels in more rural locations. Could this be because the hotels in the cities are already overflowing with refugees?

Ministers have discussed putting migrants into holiday camps such as Butlins and Pontins, as well as caravan parks & military bases. We are now hearing that certain hotels are buying wooden cabins to house even more migrants in their grounds.

A number of Councils, struggling to accommodate the numbers arriving daily, have gone to the High Court in a bid to stop hotels being taken over to house asylum seekers. Last week the East Riding of Yorkshire Council lost its High Court bid to stop the Humber View Hotel in North Ferriby from housing asylum seekers as we report below.

News that Britons now have the worst access to healthcare in Europe due to lengthy waiting lists, comes as no surprise. We have often highlighted the problems surrounding the NHS etc, now new figures reveal that 134,163 more people joined GP practices in the last month. Coincidence? Or can it be that there are 134,163 more people in this country?

The cost of accommodating these ‘refugees’ in hotels up and down the country while their applications are dealt with, amidst rising boat crossings, is already at £7 million per day. That’s £7,000,000 into the greedy pockets of people who couldn’t care less about their usually customers. Let us hope that the people who have been treated so shabbily have long memories. It is estimated that 94% of those arriving lodge an asylum claim.

Lovelady Country Hotel, Alston Moor, Cumbria.

Once described as one of England’s best kept secrets by former guests, this elegant Georgian Country House Hotel stands on the former site of a 13th century convent on the banks of the River Nent. There are 3 acres of secluded gardens in which to sit and relax whilst enjoying the unspoilt views of the surrounding countryside.

According to its website, the hotel is ‘situated 21.5 miles from Alston in Cumbria. The location makes it an ideal centre from which to visit the Lake District, Hadrian’s Wall, the North Pennines, Durham Cathedral and the Yorkshire Dales’. And with a population of around 2000 mostly elderly locals in the surrounding area, what could possibly go wrong?

Lovelady Country Hotel

Cumbria Park Hotel, Carlisle.

The Cumbria Park Hotel in Stanwix said in a social media post that it will cease operating as a hotel for the general public and begin hosting families seeking refuge from Friday, November 11.

A statement from the Cumbria Park Hotel said: “Any future bookings that you have with the hotel will be fully refunded and we will be in touch with everyone over the coming days. “Please bear in mind the Cumbria Park is independently privately owned and every single person employed in the hotel are only employees.”

Elizabeth Mallinson, councillor for the Stanwix ward said: “John Stevenson had a meeting with the Home Office civil servants and a minister and was given assurance that the asylum seekers would not be men. “We are still waiting for written confirmation but the Home Office have listened to our concerns about single young men.”

It is understood that the Home Office will publish written information on the housing of asylum seekers in the coming days.

Mrs Mallinson said: “I am looking forward to receiving this because the gossip and misinformation that is going around Carlisle at the moment is appalling.

“The gossip mill has caused a lot of upset to the parents and residents north of the river and nobody up until today was in a position to know the facts as they had not been released and as yet still have not been confirmed.” ‘There are legitimate concerns about the level of immigration’.

Cumbria Park Hotel, Carlisle.

Humber View Hotel, North Ferriby.

The bid for a High Court injunction to prevent Humber View Hotel from being used to temporarily house asylum seekers has been lost.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council asked the High Court to continue an interim injunction preventing migrants from being accommodated at the Humber View Hotel in North Ferriby, which was granted after it was contacted by the Home Office with a proposal to use the site.

Lawyers for the local authority argued at a hearing in London earlier this month that there had been an “unauthorised material change of use” under planning rules through the Home Office’s attempts to book accommodation in Hull and Ipswich.

Friday’s ruling follows a failed bid by Stoke-on-Trent City Council on November 2 to continue an interim injunction preventing migrants from being housed in the 88-room North Stafford Hotel close to the city’s train station.

77 of the 95 rooms in the Humber View Hotel WILL be used to house single adult males for at least 12-months. North Ferriby has a population of only 3,893.

Humber View Hotel.

A Major York City Centre Hotel.

Although the local media knows the identity of the hotel, they have opted not to name it because of concerns about the potential impact on the ‘vulnerable people’ staying there. Whilst their claim is considered, they,ll get FREE accommodation, utilities, a weekly allowance and three meals per day.

Paul Wordsworth, co-ordinator of York City of Sanctuary, said: “The men, women and children coming to York do so as asylum seekers. Their applications are being dealt with by the Home Office. They are not in the country illegally (aren’t they?). They are protected under international law to which the UK is currently signed up.

Various NGOs in Northern France are handing out leaflets encouraging migrants to cross the English Channel.

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