Northern Mosques: Why Don’t The Police Act?

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It has been revealed that while many Northern Mosques are at the forefront of support for Gaza and Palestine and the promotion of the jihadist cause, the police and security services are holding back from arresting radical Imams or raiding mosques.

Across the months of October and November, there has been a lot of activity in the Muslim communities across Britain, where radical Imams and Islamic preachers have been raising both funds and support on the streets for the Palestinian struggle in Gaza.

A report by the ‘Daily Mail’ on Friday, November 3rd 2023, identified a number of sermons delivered by firebrand Imams in mosques in the North of England, with particular reference to mosques in Manchester, Bradford and Leeds. Central to the report were the Alfurqan Islamic Centre in Manchester, the Islam Bradford Centre, and the Leeds Al-Rahma Centre in West Yorkshire.

The ‘Daily Mail’ report was based on monitoring by Jewish organisations with direct references to both overt anti-Israel and anti-Jewish statements by the Imams. Obviously, as National Socialists, the British Movement is not too bothered by those quotations and BM has no interest in what the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism (CAAS) might think. After all, the CAAS has attacked the British Movement often enough in the past.

What concerns us in the BM is that these radical Imams are permitted to address large gatherings in mosques and Islamic centres, making the kind of speeches that would see BNSM speakers dragged away by the police and rapidly dragged through the courts for guaranteed prosecution under the Hate Speech laws.

Once again, the British police forces appear to be operating a two-tier system of justice and show a remarkable reluctance to take action against Islamic organisations and radical Muslim activists. Radical Imams were reported to have delivered speeches in Arabic and in English calling for the ‘faithful’ not only to support the Palestinians in Gaza, but also to support ‘mujahideen’ fighting for Islam in other parts of the Middle East and across the world.

The sermon given at the Leeds Islamic Centre included calls both in Arabic and in English translation: “It is Wajib that help, aid, bring victory to our brothers and sisters in Palestine.” And more threateningly, “Prepare against your enemies … using military power and cavalry…” Whatever that means, it sounds like a call to arms.

*** The term “Wajib” refers to the demands placed on the Muslim faithful by their religious creed.

This was something previously referenced on the British Movement Northern Region website, where it was reported that online footage of a speech by a radical Imam at the Leeds Islamic Centre had been quickly removed from the internet. The footage in question was a video recording of a ‘sermon’ given mostly in English but with quotations in Arabic to reinforce the militant Islamic messaging.

Much more threatening was the sermon delivered in London at the Redbridge Islamic Centre: “Curse the Jews and the children of Israel. Curse the infidels. Tear them apart and destroy their homes.”

The radical preacher who made those statements in London is also rumoured to have spoken at other mosques across the country including some in the North of England. It is this writer’s understanding that the term “infidel;” refers to all non-Muslims, not just Jews, so that part of the sermon alone surely consists of a direct threat, an incitement to violence and ‘hate speech’.

In the past, in rare police investigations involving mosques, the police allow the Imam to set the conditions for police searches; in recent years police investigation teams have agreed not to bring sniffer dogs into mosques or Islamic schools (religious Muslims regard dogs as being ‘unclean’) and police officers searching Islamic religious buildings have removed their boots and walked through the mosques in stocking feet so as not to offend Muslim religious sensibilities.

Contrast this with police behaviour when entering or searching Christian churches. During Covid-19 lockdowns, the police were keen enough to raid a Polish congregation at a service in a Roman Catholic church in south London. The MET police officers forced their way to the front of the church and occupied the area around the altar with no obvious regard for the opinions of worshippers or protests by the priest. At the time, many commentators observed that the police would not have raided a mosque in this fashion.

So called ‘cultural sensitivity’ always enters into any discussion of police activity around mosques and other Islamic religious buildings. Likewise, any police investigations into the Pakistani ‘grooming gangs’ always edged away from confronting the Muslim communities in Britain head on.

Interestingly, of the known 600 mosques in the UK, almost a third of them are registered with the Charity Commission because it is claimed that “they are run for public benefit”. It is a strange claim given that the greater part of the British public is non-Muslim and would never have any kind of contact with a mosque, much less benefit from its existence in their locality.

Finally, in direct contrast to the mainstream media coverage of so-called ‘Far-Right’ violence in Whitehall on November 11th 2023, with the exception of the report in the ‘Daily Mail’, there has been virtually no media interest at all in the radical Imams touring mosques in Britain.

Leftwing journalists always pounce on any stories that suggest ‘Far-Right’ radicalisation or militant ‘racist’ agendas but completely ignore any suggestions of Muslim militancy unless there is an overt act of jihadist terrorism.

As has been stated before on the BM Northern Region website, multiculturalism is failing.


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