Shock and Horror – BM Sticker Found On A Lamp Post

jeremy corbyn and that bm sticker

The whole of Manchester was in a state of shock recently after it was reported that a sticker belonging to the BM was found on a lamp post (or ‘street furniture’ as it is now called). What ghastly, hate-filled slogan was on the offending sticker? It said simply ‘British Movement Manchester’ along with a web address and an instruction that it was not to be used for fly-posting.

A slippery slope – better send your donations to help us fight this threat.

The grandly named ‘Campaign Against Anti-Semitism’ (CAA) exclusively reported on this story, and as usual, it was soon picked up by the mainstream controlled media. This ‘volunteer-led’ charity then informed anyone who would listen that:

“Founded during the 1960s and having supposedly dissolved in the early 1980s, the movement exhibited antisemitism and advocated for violence towards ethnic minorities.

The group now appears, however, to have reactivated, with a website currently featuring several antisemitic tropes and images, including references to “globalists” and “cultural Marxists,” praise for Hitler, and images of people performing the Nazi salute.

Last year, we reported that the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), a British think-tank, had published a report noting the “conspiracy theories propagated widely online” in connection with COVID-19 and calls for violence against minority communities, among them Jews. The report observed that “the pandemic has amplified antisemitic tropes and calls for violence against Jewish communities”, and also noted that there have been “calls online by groups such as the British National Socialist Movement for the virus to be ‘weaponised’”.

Last year, members of the proscribed National Action group were sentenced to prison, having engaged, amongst other activities, in far-right stickering and recruitment campaigns. Campaign Against Antisemitism continues to monitor and report on far-right stickering campaigns.”

Taking a closer look at the CAA’s press release, a number of factually incorrect statements are obvious, but the intention is clear. Simply put the fear of God into the local community and watch the cash to fight the threat pour in.

Sloppy Journalism or Deliberate Lies?

Anyone can do a quick web search on the history of the BM and find out that it did not ‘dissolve in the early 1980’s’. Making out that we have suddenly reformed and are growing is probably more lucrative than saying we never went away.

The paragraph on the National Action proscription implies that its members were jailed for, amongst other things, ‘stickering and recruitment campaigns’. The British Movement had or has no connection with that organisation or its members.

On the subject of stickering, the BM does not produce stickers. Any label we produce is for use on correspondence only. Also, when did one sticker on a lamp post amount to a ‘stickering campaign’?

No Threat – No Donations

The Campaign Against Antisemitism relies on donations to survive. It describes itself as “a volunteer-led charity dedicated to exposing and countering antisemitism through education and zero-tolerance enforcement of the law. Everything that we do is done by people who volunteer their time, using donations contributed by members of the public. Join the fight against antisemitism by subscribing to our updates, volunteering, or donating.”

Group like the CAA, Hope Not Hate, Searchlight etc have to justify their own existence (and to keep the donations flowing in) by inflating any threat from the ‘far-right’ – even when none exists. This is also an old technique used by Zionist organisations: create a threat to safety from a non-existent group, and low-and-behold, the community bonds together against the perceived threat and the money flows into the groups coffers to combat it.

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