Salford – Labour Show Their True Colours

Labour’s Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham

From council insider and Nationalist guest correspondent ‘Frustrated’.

According to a tweet on 21st March 2023 by Labour councillor for Pendleton and Charlestown ward, councillor Wilson Nkurunziza, the deprived citizens of Salford finally have something to celebrate.

The Labour controlled council has now secured and been awarded the status of “City of Sanctuary” for going above the call of duty in welcoming and supporting over four times the national average of ‘refugees’ despite huge pressures on Salford Council’s own budgets and resources. This was previously reported on this website here >>.

Struggling Salfordians should now feel proud of this “prestigious” award as they freeze in their homes, (or on the streets) and shuffle along to their nearest food bank just to survive.

On the 24th March 2023, Councillor Wilson Nkurunziza tweeted: “Good news the City of Salford has been awarded the status of City of Sanctuary. Thanks to everyone and the steering group who were involved in this process” . Indeed, Salford Mayor Paul Dennett was a big supporter of Councillor Nkurunnzia’s campaign to welcome even more “refugees” to be accommodated (dumped) in the sanctuary of Salford.

Mayor Dennett has now congratulated Councillor Nkurunziza and personally proposed him as a candidate to be re-elected in the May 4th 2023 elections on Salford Council’s official website. Councillor Nkurunziza was also thanked and congratulated by several other left-wing tweeters in achieving this sanctuary city status for Salford, but one dissenter tweeted, “Have the people of Salford been asked or even told about this?” The answer is of course not!

Labour will also not want any homeless Salfordians to know that Labour wants to welcome even more ‘refugees’ to Salford during the 2023 May local elections. After all, more migrants needing accommodation will only increase the pressure on an already chronic housing shortage and homelessness crisis within Salford and Greater Manchester, Salford Mayor Paul Dennett knows this because he is also the Deputy Mayor for Greater Manchester and is the Lead for Homelessness at the Greater Manchester Combined Authority.

Dennett fears even more homelessness will result from the Government’s streamlining of asylum processing claims with new “asylum questionnaires” (being effectively an amnesty). This will cause “unmanageable demands” on homeless services. Such “a spike in cessations of asylum support” by those leaving the asylum system as a result of both successful and negative claims would “create significant pressures for statutory homelessness services” for the Greater Manchester councils.

This imminent homelessness problem was mentioned as a “grave concern” in a GMPA letter dated March 24th 2023 from Labour’s Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham and his Deputy Mayor, Paul Dennett to Suella Braverman at the Home Office.

letter from Mayor Andy Burnham and his Deputy Mayor

On the 24th March 2023, Councillor Wilson Nkurunziza carelessly revealed this sensitive GMPA letter by retweeting a tweet sent to him by Salford Mayor Paul Dennett with this message: “Andy Burnham and myself today signed a letter to Secretary of State, Rt. Hon. Suella Braverman, raising grave concerns on the Government’s initiation and management of streamlined asylum processing in GM from 23 February. The new procedures will place severe pressures on services” – mostly on homelessness services throughout Greater Manchester!

The letter by Burnham and Dennett reveals Labour’s unquestioning devotion to enabling as many dodgy illegal immigrants as possible to win their overwhelmingly bogus asylum claims. They urge Braverman to give more time for “asylum seekers” to “access scarce advice in order to protect their claim” and not to have their claims (and associated support) withdrawn” even if they do not bother to complete and return their asylum questionnaires in time!

They also urge Braverman to “fully review the Legal Aid System to ensure it is fit for purpose”. This aims to allow greedy left-wing lawyers to appeal against negative asylum decisions and the even fewer decisions to actually deport some bogus “asylum seekers”.

Finally, Burnham and Dennett condemn the government’s Illegal Migration Bill currently being considered by Parliament and the “divisive rhetoric that has accompanied recent debates on the bill”, no doubt because Braverman and other Tories are now correctly highlighting the fact that Labour want unlimited immigration by openly accusing Labour of wanting open borders!

Nowhere do Burnham/Dennett identify in their letter the obvious way to mitigate the housing crisis in Greater Manchester and Britain is first to stop the illegal migrant boats from coming, because Labour really wants to encourage mass immigration to make us “truly multicultural!”


One good thing to come out of the tsunami of “asylum seekers” being randomly dispersed throughout our country in an ‘unlucky dip’ national lottery, is that it clearly demonstrates the way native White British people really feel about being forced to suddenly live near migrants.

Many will have already gone through the costly process of moving house to escape and dodge dangerous diversity, only to be horrified by dodgy illegal migrant men being dumped on them! Despite endless conditioning through the television news, advertisements and soap operas about how great and normal diversity is, when it suddenly arrives on your doorstep the reality is quite different with communities traumatised and legitimately fearful for their future safety.

It is amusing to watch and listen to affluent nimby’s try not to appear ‘racist’ as they struggle to explain why hundreds of dodgy, unvetted young Muslim men should not be placed in their leafy Tory suburb. But it is OK and suitable that they are dumped instead into poor White working class “sanctuary cities” like Salford, where Labour will enthusiastically welcome them.

This ‘refugee’ immigration crisis has also highlighted that there is at least a superficial difference between the two main political parties in their attitude towards dangerous illegal immigration. Labour clearly want open borders and unlimited mass replacement immigration into Britain. So I feel that they are our worst ‘enemy within’, who despise native White working-class people.

Consequently, I urge my fellow British patriots in both civic and ethno nationalist parties to primarily seek to destroy Labour’s white working-class vote, even if this temporarily benefits the treacherous and despicable Tories. Tories are not as bad or evil as Labourites. White patriots in the USA are persecuted and may not survive under a left-wing government.

So I feel the most sensible activity British Nationalists can engage in for the foreseeable future is to attack the Labour Party to stop them being elected and completely ruining our country. We can at least delay the rot and function more freely under the Tories, rotten as they are!



Top Image: Andy Burnham. Image by Rwendland, CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons.
Middle Image: Letter dated March 24th 2023 from Labour’s Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham and his Deputy Mayor, Paul Dennett to Suella Braverman at the Home Office.

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  1. ” Tories are not as bad or evil as Labouritites.” I salute ( \o ) your far superior knowledge and understanding but the two are both the same sides of the same shekel with the one in power practicing the Sins and the other defending the Sins.

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