‘SHOCK’ – Multiculturism Has Failed!

Lisa Nandy

The former Home Secretary, Suella Braverman, recently said that multiculturalism has failed in Britain and is a threat to national security and community cohesion.

Braverman was “shocked” by the recent communal violence in Leicester between Muslims and Hindus, who demonstrated their ancient tribal and religious hatred of each other on British streets. The even more recent clashes on British streets between Muslims and Jews regarding their rival claims in the Middle East also demonstrates that multiculturalism is divisive, dangerous, and deadly.

Some ‘British’ Jews have joined the IDF (Israeli Defence Forces) and want British forces to fight their Islamic enemies in the Middle East. Some ‘British’ Muslims have attacked both Jews and native white British people who have supported Israel, like the Conservative MP Sir David Amess who was assassinated in 2021.

Amess’s membership of the Conservative Friends of Israel, as well as his voting record on British air strikes in Syria were cited by his assassin, Ali Harbi Ali, as motives for his murder. British MP’s must now be wary of their associations and voting record on the Middle East because it could get them killed!

In 2017, the Manchester Arena suicide bomber Salman Abedi was also motivated by revenge for the deaths of Muslim children resulting from American and British air strikes during the Syrian civil war. Clearly, the first loyalty of Muslims, Hindus and Jews in the multicultural mess that is modern Britain is to their own people, but their foreign conflicts can also endanger their native White British hosts.

But regardless of this diversity danger, the Labour Party wants to make us an increasingly mixed race, “truly multicultural” country. So Labour MP Lisa Nandy, (herself mixed race) criticised Suella Braverman for saying that multiculturalism has failed and is a risk to our national security and community cohesion.

Braverman correctly claimed that mass immigration was an “existential threat” to the West. She also mentioned the alarming number of people in the UK who are born “to foreign-born mothers” and rightly suggested this was causing British public services and resources to become overstretched.

But on BBC Question Time, Nandy rejected Braverman’s concern, saying: “I grew up in the 1980’s (in Manchester) in the shadow of Enoch Powell with an Indian-born dad and British-born mum. When I heard our home secretary standing up this week talking about the children of “foreign-born mothers”, it took me right back to that era, when families like ours were constantly under attack from Tory politicians being told that we were the problem facing Britain.”

Nandy added: “If you are worried about the future of the country and people being able to have enough houses to live in, why is your housebuilding programme falling off a cliff and why have you presided over the loss of houses including social housing stock over 13 consecutive years?”

Nandy also defended ‘asylum seekers’ by saying that if the government is worried about asylum seekers in hotels, “why aren’t you processing asylum claims and getting a grip on the asylum system?” Nandy indicates Labour’s solution to clearing our huge backlog of bogus asylum seekers is to skip proper security checks on dodgy illegal immigrants by effectively granting them amnesty! She then assumes we also have limitless land in our small island to build houses on to accommodate them all.

According to Labour’s Lisa Nandy, over ten million immigrants moving into Britain since 1997 and endangering our cohesion and overstretching limited resources is manageable and not a problem. Because Lisa Nandy seems unhappy living in Britain as a mixed-race person, I feel that she should discourage any further miscegenation due to the personal identity torment and problems it causes.

But instead, she defends even more immigration into our small island that will diminish even further Britain’s traditional White identity, so that she can feel less different and more at home living here!


Top Image: Rwendland, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons.

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