Sinn Fein Are Traitors! You’re Not Welcome Here!

Sinn Fein Are Traitors!

Ireland is a small country with a population of just under 5.3 million. She was never a colonial power, so the old chestnut that “they’re coming here because you went there” does not apply. Just like Denmark, Sweden, and many of the other small European nations, they are now experiencing the replacement of the indigenous population with economic migrants.

At last week’s demonstration against immigration in Dublin, protester’s carrying Irish flags called for an end to the flooding of Ireland with Third World migrants. The marchers also demanded that Ireland needed a new Nationalist government that would put Irish people first. The people of Ireland say they are being ignored by the political establishment, with the march being largely ignored by Irish state broadcaster RTE.

A 200-strong counter-demonstration was held outside of the General Post Office (GPO), with the usual suspects holding banners with messages like “Unite against racism” and “Refugees welcome.” Predictably, the small group of reds, liberals and homosexuals received favourable treatment from the media.

The estimated 10,000 anti-immigration demonstrators made their feelings well known to the traitors in the Oireachtas (legislature of the Republic of Ireland), with chants of “get them out” and “Sinn Fein are traitors” ringing out for the world to hear. The hostility to Sinn Fein may come as a surprise to some European Nationalists, who seem to regard them as fellow racial Nationalists, fighting to free their country from the British yoke.

Sinn Fein (SF), the political wing of the Marxist IRA, is the main opposition party in the Republic, and is a multi-racial, ‘progressive,’ open borders organisation that, in the South at least, has a membership that wouldn’t be out of place in the SWP, Labour Party, or the Greens. In the North, SF has a rough working-class membership, still controlled by the ageing psychopath’s of the IRA.

It is not just in Dublin that Sinn Fein are having a hard time. This ‘tweet’ and video are from Fassaroe, Wicklow and were posted on May 13th 2024. Sit back and enjoy as SF activists are told some home truths. The video contains some very strong language. Coincidentally, a court has ordered that a ‘refugee town’ built without planning permission in Co. Wicklow, has to be demolished (image below).

An interesting and informative article on the state of genuine Irish racial Nationalism appeared on the Heritage & Destiny website here:

The Irish Mail On Sunday.


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