Strength Through Diversity In Halifax And Huddersfield

More Cultural Enrichment in West Yorkshire.

Halifax and Huddersfield reap the rewards of imported customs and values.

Some years ago, an enthusiastic left-wing academic praised the concept of multiculturalism and claimed that immigrant communities brought values and customs that ‘enriched’ and ‘enhanced’ British culture and society. British Movement has long considered these claims to be not only misguided but factually incorrect.

In this article, the BM Northern Region casts a cynical and sceptical eye over recent evidence of this ‘cultural enrichment’ from examples in Halifax and Huddersfield.


One from Halifax is worth highlighting: the West Yorkshire Police investigation goes back to last year and concerns an outbreak of disorder around Bonfire Night.

This website recently reported on the decline of the traditional Bonfire Night celebrations in Yorkshire, and it has to be said that in certain districts of West Yorkshire where non-white British communities live, the November the Fifth traditions have become distorted to the point of being unrecognisable, and to some ethnic minority communities, they are seen as an excuse for gangs of young men to use fireworks to ambush fire-fighters and the police.

West Yorkshire Police had to despatch over 100 officers to the Parkinson Lane area of Halifax to deal with gangs of Asian youths who were throwing fireworks into the streets and directing fireworks at cars and other vehicles. As the police mustered in the area, a crowd of over 80 youths began to direct the fireworks at the police and began to rampage around the district throwing fireworks.

One unusual incident on that night was the accidental death of a teenager from Bradford who had obviously travelled to Halifax to take part in these non-traditional activities. Mohammed Qais Ratyal, age 17, was found seriously injured in a garden on neighbouring Vickerman Street, it appears that he bled to death from injuries inflicted by shards of glass when he fell through a greenhouse roof, as he and others ran through a network of private gardens.

Ratyal was the only fatality that night, but the police made an initial number of 28 arrests on charges of criminal damage, public order offences, and misuse of fireworks offences.

A year on, and West Yorkshire Police are still trying to identify those involved in the public disorder in Halifax. We have reproduced the West Yorkshire Police public appeal posters seeking to identify the offenders. It is worth noting the considerable lack of White British faces.


Currently going through the court rooms of Leeds Crown Court;

On trial of charges of ‘Conspiracy to pervert the course of justice’ and also ‘Causing or allowing a vulnerable adult to suffer severe physical harm.’
Asgar Sheihk age 30 – the victim’s husband.
Khalid Sheihk age 55 – the victim’s father-in-law.
Shabnam Sheihk age 53 – the victim’s mother-in-law
Shagufa Sheihk age 29 – the victim’s sister-in-law
Shakalaye Sheihk age 24 – the victim’s sister-in-law.

Here is a case of the serious consequences of tolerating alien customs like arranged marriages. Ambreen Fatima Sheihk came to West Yorkshire from Pakistan in 2014 to marry Asgar Sheihk in an arranged marriage. The case also calls into question how exactly immigrant communities regard the value of individuals compared with traditional British regard for the person.

The local news headlines in various mainstream media outlets across West Yorkshire tell a bleak picture of an Asian Muslim family following their customs and values while ignoring British values and indeed ignoring British law.

“Wife didn’t meet expectations” and “left in a ‘vegetative state’ – unconscious since July 2015.” What exactly is meant by “did not meet expectations” is not immediately clear, but obviously cultural values are involved and call into question the non-British practice of an ‘arranged marriage’ where young women are imported like some kind of commodity.

Strange how liberal and left-wing feminists are silent about this, perhaps they are displaying some kind of ‘cultural sensitivity’ towards the customs and values of certain ethnic minority groups. The ambulance was called to the house in Clara Street, Fartown on August 1st 2015, a full three days since Ambreen Sheihk had allegedly collapsed.

Investigations quickly established that none of the family members told the same story as to how the young woman had fallen into unconsciousness, and also that different family members contradicted each other on not only the timescale of events but also as to the origins of certain other injuries, including chemical burns to her lower back.

In addition, when the ambulance crew arrived and the paramedics were shown the patient, it was noted that Ambreen was not only fully dressed in clean clothes but had recently been bathed and was in fact not lying in her own bed in her own room, but was lying in her sister-in-law’s bed in her sister-in-law’s bedroom.

Further investigation by police discovered that prior to the ambulance being called, Ambreen had been lying in her own bed in soiled clothes, with soiled bed linen and had not been washed for some time. Equally disturbing was the fact that all Ambreen’s soiled clothing and heavily soiled bedding had been removed from the house and hidden in a wheelie bin on the pavement outside the house.

Clara Street, in the Fartown district of Huddersfield, a neighbourhood noted for its multi-racial and multicultural population, is often referred to by liberal commentators as ‘diverse’, ‘vibrant’, or even ‘culturally enriched’. However, the majority of white British citizens of Huddersfield describe Fartown in less than glowing terms.

The British neighbours of the Pakistani family in Clara Street had no idea that the young woman was living there and indeed had no idea of her actual existence until the ambulance arrived to remove her to hospital and the police arrived to investigate the crime scene. The trial at Leeds Crown Court continues.

Obviously, this Pakistani family brought a great deal of cultural enhancement to British society from their traditional values and customs.

Multiculturalism is toxic to British society, and now in 2023 this is even recognised by the Home Secretary Suella Braverman, herself descended from immigrants; she is a Kenyan Asian married to a Jewish man, and she has declared multiculturalism in the United Kingdom a failure.

The examples quoted above in this article give a small snap shot into how multiculturalism is failing in certain West Yorkshire towns and that British culture and values are certainly not being enriched or enhanced by the imported customs and values of immigrant communities from outside Europe.


Top Image: Google.
Lower Images: Courtesy of West Yorkshire Police.

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