The Dangers of Mosques and Muslim Colonisation

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From Council Insider and Nationalist Guest Correspondent “Frustrated”.

In the aftermath of the Manchester Arena massacre in May 2017, there were numerous petitions and calls to close down the local Didsbury Mosque as being a danger to the public. Tommy Robinson claimed that some hate preaching Imams at the Didsbury Mosque were radicalising local Muslims into hating ‘The West’ (Christians, Jews and homosexuals), and supporting the terrorist Islamic State (ISIS) in the Middle East.

The Abedi family, including the Manchester Arena bombers, Salman and Hashem Abedi had attended this mosque with their father Ramadan Abedi, who was a prominent worshipper there. Ramadan Abedi had performed the Islamic call to prayer at Didsbury Mosque.

There are indeed numerous examples of Muslims being radicalised by radical Islamic preachers at many mosques and then becoming Islamic terrorists. But even if a ‘moderate’ mosque opens in your locality, it is always bad news for non-Muslims and for many reasons.

The last Labour government of Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and Jack Straw encouraged mass immigration of Muslims into Britain, to make us multicultural and to boost Labour’s huge Muslim and ethnic minority block vote. Consequently, the 2021 census confirmed that Britain’s Muslim population has mushroomed to four million and it is projected to double in size every ten years!

Such rapid Muslim population growth is increasing the pressure on mainly Labour run councils in northern England to approve planning applications for new mosques in formerly white working-class communities. However, once your local Labour run council approves a new mosque, the old established English community is doomed. Muslim colonisation and “White flight” inevitably follow.

Bitter experience from many towns and cities follows this pattern:

  1. House prices in the mosque’s vicinity instantly plummet, typically by 10%.
  2. Shrewd English home owners sell up quickly, often to Muslim buyers.
  3. The mosque attracts more Muslims to the area causing house prices to fall further.
  4. “White flight” follows, with panic selling of homes at knock down prices.
  5. ‘Hold outs’ are eventually isolated in the community and eventually approached by their new Muslim neighbours offering to buy their homes for a pittance, and often suffer anti-social behaviour if they refuse.

The neighbourhood is blighted, benefitting the incoming Muslims at the expense of the old established White community. But unlike other council planning decisions that cause homes to plunge in value, you cannot claim any compensation from your local council!

Labour councillors benefit from approving new mosques as Muslims overwhelmingly vote for the Labour Party. Labour also has an increasing number of Muslim councillors and party activists who enthusiastically support the Islamic colonisation of once White working-class neighbourhoods.

Concerned residents should regularly check with their local Labour council if they have plans for a new mosque. Labour councils often try to sneak them through disguised as something like a “cultural centre” or “an all-faiths community centre”. so that local British residents don’t realise until it is too late, that they are actually establishing a mosque within their community.

The effective “Mosquebusters” organisation has helped traumatised communities successfully resist plans for a mosque being established in their neighbourhood. They suggest that successful objections to a planning application for a new mosque can be based on the increased noise, traffic congestion and parking problems it will cause for local residents. But a new mosque created worse problems than these ‘minor’ issues. Far worse!

Even if you only rent your home, you should still oppose a new mosque being placed in your community, because it will put you and your family at an increased risk of Muslim hostility, abuse and attack. Islam is a supremacist religion, and some mosques have been used to preach hatred against “dirty Kuffars” (non-Muslims). Recent events in the Middle-East (and now also in Manchester) remind us that
this attitude leads to Muslims massacring ‘Kuffars’ and using their women and girls as sex slaves.

Hundreds of ‘British’ Muslims joined this jihad to drive out Christians and other ‘Kuffars’ so that a purely Islamic State could be established in the Middle East. This could be our fate too if we allow mosques and Muslims to colonise Britain and undermine our traditionally British white working class communities.

A new mosque soon dominates the surrounding area, making non-Muslims feel vulnerable. So called “Muslim patrols” have harassed outdoor drinkers (of alcohol), ‘immodestly’ dressed women, and in some districts also Jews and homosexuals for walking or being visible near a mosque. Even dog walkers and beer drinkers have been confronted and physically attacked for entering ‘their Muslim areas’ in the vicinity of the mosque.

Local public parks become their ‘Muslim parks’ and thus are no go areas for lone English lads. Muslim gangs often use these local parks to ‘groom’ vulnerable English schoolgirls into a life of drug dependency and prostitution. These poor, young, often under age, white working-class girls become ‘sex slaves’ for the sexual gratification and financial enrichment of their new Muslim masters.

Cowardly “politically correct” social workers and police are reluctant to even mention, let alone act against this widespread epidemic of Asian/Muslim paedophile gangs for fear of inflaming ‘sensitive community relations” and annoying their politically correct political masters. Indeed, public servants are now very mindful that an accusation of ‘racism’ could get them into trouble with “anti-racist” Labour politicians. The resulting blot on their record could easily ruin their careers and generous final salary, public sector pensions when they eventually retire.

But at last, it is now being reported by GB News television that Labour run councils all over England, have ignored, covered up and protected predatory Pakistani ‘grooming’ gangs. The Labour Party sacrificed our young, white working-class girls to these Muslim ‘grooming’ rape gangs because they benefitted electorally from the Islamic colonisation of England.

Consequently their former white working-class supporters suffered from being ignored and abused for decades. But we are now much wiser and should say – “No more mosques, no more Muslim colonisation, and no more treacherous Labour politicians betraying us!


Images: Public Domain.

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