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Nationalism has been a dirty word in Europe since the fall of National Socialism in 1945. Our enemies have been drip-feeding our people with anti-national poison at the same time as they have been enacting laws to make sure we can never rise again.

In the decades since 1945, the hidden hands that rule Europe decided that they would make sure that no country could throw off the shackles of international finance. Their first step was the importation of millions of unassimilable people from Asia and Africa to replace the indigenous population.

A second step was the attack on the morals of each nation, starting with the attack on the family and marriage and leading to the promotion of homosexuality as an alternative (and equal) lifestyle choice. Today the woke obsession with trans politics and the madness of the ‘what is a woman’ debate show just how far our enemies plans have progressed.

But the enemies of our people have gone too far, too quickly. The speed of change has woken up vast numbers of people to exactly what our master’s plans are for the future of Europe. From Spain to Sweden, Holland to Germany, Hungary to Ireland, we see the rise in populism, and from it, a growing sense of Nationalism. No longer does the label of ‘far-right’ scare people.

The people of Europe have had enough and are taking to the streets in their droves (and tractors!) to oppose the WEF master plan for the future. In Britain, the rumblings of rebellion are growing louder, with a small number of well-known media personalities deciding that the situation is so desperate that they have to risk their careers and livelihoods to speak out. Neil Oliver, of the BBC documentary ‘Coast’ fame, has risked all to warn people of what our masters have planned for us.

Whether in Italy, Spain, France or Finland, populist movements that were once beyond the pale are fast gaining respectability – and power. Nationalists in Europe were long united by their opposition to immigration, Islam, and the EU. The culture wars, minority rights, climate change, and the unjust sacrifices that governments maintain are necessary to address them are among the issues that have recently surfaced.

In Ireland, long regarded as immune to genuine racial Nationalism, the working-class have taken to the streets to oppose the injection of young male refugees into their communities. In the process, the sham ‘Nationalism’ of Sinn Fein has been laid bare for all to see.

In November, after a knife attack in Dublin by an immigrant, Conor McGregor, an ultimate fighting champion star with a large and fanatical fan base, posted “Ireland, we are at war” on X. Even the most cowardly and apathetic of the people could see that something had changed.


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Neil Oliver Video: Youtube
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