The Small Boats Invasion June 16 – 22nd 2023

small boats invasion

The following data is taken from the official Home Office website showing figures for ‘irregular’ migrants detected crossing the English Channel in small boats without permission to enter the UK.

The latest figures from the Home Office show that 1,664 illegals in 35 boats have landed on our shores (most courtesy of the RNLI) in the past 7-days. The Gov.UK website describes ‘Boats Involved In Uncontrolled Landings’ (fourth column in image), as boats which arrive without interception (by the RNLI). Any people detected in uncontrolled landings are counted in ‘irregular migrants recorded arriving by small boat’.

“Woke’ RNLI ‘is turning down calls from stricken boaters because it is too busy carrying migrants ashore”

Headline from the Mail Online, June 24, 2023.

Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) lifeboats were launched to rescue illegal migrants in the English Channel 290 times last year, the RNLI has said. The charity published details of its work on migrant crossings for the first time recently.

After it was discovered that lifeboat teams were entering French waters to pick up migrants in dinghies, the lifeboat service was accused of turning into a “taxi service for people traffickers.”

‘I’ve had a few RNLI personnel tell me about people refusing to rescue boats as they are too busy getting people ashore,’ a lifeboat specialist who frequently works in the Channel said to MailOnline. It comes at a time when 13 people, including numerous children, have perished in British waters during the recent heatwave.


Top Image: Arpingstone, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons.
Lower Image: Screenshot from the Home Office website.

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