Your Walls May Have Broken, But Your Hearts Remained Strong!

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Zwar brachen deine Mauern, doch deine Herzen blieben stark!

The bombing of Dresden took place between February 13 and 15, 1945. 800 British and American bombers dropped over 2,700 tonnes of explosives and incendiaries, decimating the historic German city. The city, which was brimming with museums, historical relics and world-famous buildings, was bloated with refugees fleeing the murderous Soviet advance. The bombing, which took place just 12 weeks before the German surrender, remains one of the most controversial actions of the Second World War.

While the allies continue to characterise the operation as a legitimate attack on a crucial transportation hub, the majority of those killed were civilians and refugees. Most died in the ensuing firestorm created by the incendiary bombs dropped on the city. In an attempt to wipe the crime from memory, the enemies of the truth are attempting to minimise the number of people killed in this war crime.

Winston Churchill, who, along with ‘Bomber’ Harris, masterminded the policy of bombing German civilians to break the morale of the German population, termed the destruction of Dresden a “serious query against the conduct of Allied bombing.” Today, tame court historians are attempting to persuade a gullible public that the casualty total is less than 35,000, and by implication, anyone who suggests differently must be a ‘Nazi’.

In a Canadian Forces College / College Des Forces Canadiennes Advanced Military Studies Course 3, which was published in December 2000; quoted Harris as saying;

“I’m paid to kill people.”

Sir Arthur “Bomber” Harris

Sir Arthur “Bomber” Harris had just been stopped by a police officer for speeding, and had been told that if he did not slow his automobile, he would likely kill someone. In retort, he uttered the sentiment above.

According to David Irving’s book, the Destruction of Dresden, published in 1963, over 135,000 men, women, and children died. The book is available from the BM Head Office.

February 12 2024: Flaming monument erected in front of Dresden’s Frauenkirche!

“Those who have forgotten how to cry will learn it again when Dresden falls.”

The huge steel memorial (weighing more than two tonnes) was erected in front of the Frauenkirche in Dresden yesterday for the countless victims of the bombing raids in February 1945. A fire burns inside the memorial as a symbol of remembrance. It is engraved with a quote from the German writer Gerhart Hauptmann. It says: “Those who have forgotten how to cry will learn it again when Dresden falls.” It was removed by the city authorities in the early hours of the 13th.

The memorial was commissioned and erected by the citizen network, “One Percent”. Described as Germany’s largest patriotic citizens’ network, it has nearly 48,000 active supporters and has developed into a major force in extra-parliamentary resistance. The following text is taken from their social media channels:

“The new steel memorial was to replace an inscription to the dead that was recently removed by the city authorities. The One Percent described the removal as: “A new high point in historical oblivion was the removal of an inscription on the Dresden Altmarkt. Without informing citizens or city councillors, the city administration removed an important memorial. Instead, an undignified mobile metal column was erected, which deliberately conceals the perpetrators, mocks the victims, and can be shamefully hidden at events.”

Like Thieves In The Night….

“The memorial to the victims of Allied bombing terror, which was removed by the city and THW on Dresden’s Neumarkt square on the night of February 13, has turned up: it is now in the city’s building yard. However, it is unclear what the city plans to do with it. We call on Lord Mayor Dirk Hilbert to remove the monument immediately and place it in an appropriate location in Dresden’s city center!

Extinguishing the flame of remembrance

“However, the nerves of Dresden’s authorities seem to be frayed, as the nightly removal of the monument shows: a large contingent of police is already in the city to secure Hilbert’s appearance. In the morning, members of the criminal investigation department even turned up at a hotel on Neumarkt to inspect the guest lists – an unlawful act, as the erection of the monument was not a criminal offence.”

“Like thieves in the dead of night…..”


Top Image: BM
Lower Images: With thanks to One Percent Social Media

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