Where Are My People – Video

Where Are My People

Another thought-provoking and moving video from the talented racial Nationalist poet Snow Shadow. She is a firm favourite of us here at the BM Northern website.

We try to incorporate multi-media files regularly into our posts because we strongly believe that they are far more likely to connect on an emotional level with potential supporters than other content types.

At the same time as we are publishing this post, the 2022 Commonwealth Games have opened in Birmingham. The games have been promoted as the most diverse yet, with individual sporting events taking place across the city, including in some of the most ‘enriched’ areas.

Birmingham, in the West Midlands, is the second largest city in England and has a long and proud history. Today it is best known for street crime and being one of the first British cities to become a majority non-white. Today Birmingham, tomorrow your town. Join the fightback. Join the British Movement and make a difference.

The video ends by posing the question: ‘Where Are Your People?’

The British Movement would love to receive articles for possible inclusion on this site from members and supporters across the North of England. Please remember that we have to operate within the laws of this country – we will not include any content that is against the current laws of the United Kingdom. News reports should be topical and be relevant to the regions covered by this website.

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