The Russian Invasion Of Ukraine

Ukraine and Russia

We have received the following contribution about the situation in Ukraine from a long-time Nationalist. Any comments would be welcome.

Let me state firstly that in the past I have quite liked the ‘hard-man’ image of Putin. Here at last was a leader who didn’t kowtow to the left/liberal consensus that seems to infect the West and renders us impotent. I have regularly watched RT News to see news items that you wouldn’t ever get on our controlled channels.

This favourable image had been tempered by memories of the Soviet murder machine which swept across Europe at the end of Second World War. Ukraine is controlled by Israel and has a Jewish leadership I was told.

But more and more anti-white rhetoric has been creeping into the RT news items. And now Putin has invaded Ukraine on the pretext of destroying the ‘Neo-Nazi’s’ and ‘ultra-Nationalists’ and with an aim, he said, of ‘demilitarising’ the area. White Nationalist and National Socialist organisations like the Azov Brigade have bravely taken on the Russian juggernaut and I salute them.

Volunteers for the Territorial Defense Brigade, wait for military training by Azov members in Kiev, Ukraine.

I recently came across this statement from a German comrade (I apologise for the clunky translation): “Neither the US led NATO nor ‘Nationalist’ Russia are our “unconditional” friends, even though there are some who swear by one side or the other. The world is not just black or white! Many events are very complicated and should be looked at by us from several angles. If we happen to be in Putin’s position of interest, we are buddies, but if we stand in the way, we are made away. Just the same way around with Americans”.

“I don’t want any American troops in our country nor Russians. Ask our comrades in Russia how bad the “anti-right laws” and condemnation under Putin have become there. Of course, Putin did a lot of things right and we as Germans can also like many of his actions, just like with the Amis under Trump. But we here in Europe are just the game ball of the respective sides and in the worst case, the place where their battles will be fought.”

“This will be the case until we ourselves have a greater power – but which will not happen under the current liberals in government. Therefore, we can only watch from the side lines, or just like our politicians make stupid comments and impose senseless sanctions that only hit us”.

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  1. I’ve got to agree with this. I support the Ukranian nationalists and people. However they are stuck between zog controlled West and zog controlled Russia. Neither are good for Ukraine. I hope Ukraine resists both and cleans its own back yard out and becomes a nationalist country.

  2. Excellent piece, the unfortunate casualties in the war are our European kith and kin, Putin is himself of dubious ethnic pedigree but has the mindset of the KGB killer who like his predecessors shares a genocidal ambition toward the Ukrainian people.

    AZOV represent the finest attributes of National Socialism in defence of folk and fatherland.

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