Yesterday And Tomorrow – Our Racial Bloodline


Being a National Socialist, I guess it’s only natural to think of what life was like for our ancestors.

The period that interests me the most is early BC Britain. The time when Stonehenge was being built and the erecting of a great many standing stones. In those days we had an Aryan culture which was 100% our race and a people whom lived for a long period in a utopia.

I say this having sat for many hours wondering about it, reading about the condition of Stonehenge and viewing documentaries on the early settlements on the Orkney Islands and also watching a programme on the ancient Grange in Ireland. What became obvious from what we know of our islands B.C., is that for our ancestors to be able to move the great stones from South Wales to the Salisbury Plains in Wiltshire, along with the planning and organisation of labour, they must have been very successful farmers who had got themselves into a position where they had the free-time to co-operate, study and put into their ideas into action.

One can imagine that our ancestors were strong and a fit and healthy race due to a rural life free from urban pollution and the heavy traffic which we have in our cities. This goes along with a natural food diet, no cheap fatty food from McDonald’s or kebab shops.

Our race in those times were educated in the ways of farming, seasons and the movements of the moon and stars. Our race would almost certainly know the history of the Stone-age when people struggled to establish themselves on this island. We know from documentaries that the ancestors were of great importance to the neolithic peoples.

Today Stonehenge is a ruin of what was once a grand construction, with the main stone having a white chock covering and of course being fully built. Our people would gather there and at the many other stone circles across our land. I think we lost many stone circles when the Romans/Christians used the stone to build churches and homes.

An early photograph of Stonehenge taken July 1877.

During the times of the year when our race gathered at these important sites, they would have looked smart, being well dressed and healthy looking. The image which we have been given is so wrong (dirty looking men and women who grunt and appear dim). Our people farmed the land and had the time to study, organise themselves and to construct monuments. They were very successful in what they did.

I think it is almost certain that at events held at Stonehenge, young men and women would have found romance and love, which would blossom as they lived in a prolonged, peaceful time. In neolithic times the population was small enough for there to be plenty of farming land for all families and the national community was united for a great length of time. This enabled them to establish a culture along with a network of standing stones and settlements that stretched all across Britain and Ireland.

Today our people are on the very same land, but live in a society unimaginable to our ancestors who left us Stonehenge, Avebury and Durrington Walls (a large Neolithic settlement and later henge enclosure located in the Stonehenge World Heritage Site). They could never imagine the threats of our time. However, we are the same race and there is a racial blood line that we need remember when we meet and campaign. We can all make a promise to work and work to ensure our race lives on.

A National Socialist Worker – Manchester.

Stonehenge, as painted by John Constable in 1835.


Top Image: Stonehenge by garethwiscombe, CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.
Middle: An early photograph of Stonehenge taken July 1877. Edwin J. Acott, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons.
Bottom: As painted by John Constable, 1835. John Constable, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons.

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