Another riot by ‘young people’ in Stuttgart

Stuttgart's Schlossplatz (Palace Square)

Once again running riots have erupted in Stuttgart, Germany. The Schlossplatz (Palace Square) last Saturday saw a repeat of the violent clashes that have scarred this once peaceful German city over recent years. A police spokesman later announced that only six people had been arrested.

The square in the centre of Stuttgart had prohibited the drinking of alcohol as a ‘corona protection measure’ at the end of April. Subsequent to the ban, there were numerous riots in the square, which included shops being looted. In one incident last year, a crowd of over 600 males attacked the police, who arrested 23 people and later announced that over 80% of those arrested came from a migrant background.

The latest disorder started after hundreds of young people gathered in the square drinking. The police moved in and warned the crowds about the Corona protection measures. This led to verbal altercations and physical attacks, which then spread to looting and attacks on property. Images of the disorder in the German media show people with a non-German appearance in the majority. The usual rent-a-mob of the extreme left were also involved in the riot.


It’s been over five years since German Chancellor Angela Merkel uttered her infamous quote about taking in refugees. Since that time, Germany has been transformed from one of the safest places in Europe, where people could walk about without fear of being attacked or robbed even at night, to a place where people avoid venturing out after dark.

Frau Angela Merkel
posing with one
of the estimated
refugees who
illegally invaded
Germany in 2015.

Not One For The Family Album

Violent crime rose by about 10 percent in 2015 and 2016, a study showed. It attributed more than 90 percent of that to young male refugees. The government-sponsored study showed a jump in violent crime committed by male migrants aged 14 to 30. Sadly, this situation has only got worse, with migrant crime a real plague in once-peaceful German cities and towns.

Unfortunately, the situation in Stuttgart is repeated throughout the length and breadth of the country because of Frau Merkels deliberate policy to make it more multi-racial. It’s time that Germany confined her, her party, and all the other anti-German politicians to the dustbin of history.


Far-left violent crime is also on the rise, with an increase of 11% for crimes committed by anarchists, Marxists, and antifa, and in particular, a 45% increase in the use of violence.


BERLIN May 28, 2021: Four far-left activists have been charged in Germany on allegations that they were part of a group involved in a series of attacks on ‘neo-Nazis’ and other nationalists over a period of two years, prosecutors have said.

Lina E., whose last name was not divulged in line with German privacy laws, is accused of coming up with the idea in 2018 to target far-right individuals based on a “militant extreme-left ideology” and helping to plan the attacks.

Three men, Lennart A., Jannis R. and Jonathan M., are alleged to have joined up with her no later than the end of 2019.

They were based in the eastern city of Leipzig, and most of the attacks came there or in nearby Wurzen, prosecutors said.

Several are alleged to have been involved in a 2020 attack with about 15 or 20 others on a group of six people in the Wurzen train station upon their arrival back from a ceremony marking the 75th anniversary of the firebombing of Dresden, an event that attracted many racial nationalists and other sympathisers. Several victims sustained serious injuries after being punched, kicked and hit with batons, prosecutors said.

All except Lennart A. are accused of an attack in 2019 in the central city of Eisenach, where police say they and about ten to 15 others stormed a restaurant thought to be a meeting place of nationalists, beating five visitors and the owner with batons and causing serious injuries.

All are charged with causing serious bodily harm and other offences. Lina E., who faces the most charges, has been in custody since her Nov. 5, 2020 arrest. The others have remained free.


THURINGIA May 28, 2021

There were two more serious attacks on the night of May 28, 2021.

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