Child Grooming – Another 29 Arrests

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What is wrong with the people of this country? What does it take to get their fire up? To get them angry enough to demand enough is enough? We know that just the threat of a European Super League in football is enough to send thousands of them into a frenzy, leading to large out-pourings of rage on the streets and clashes with the police.

But what about the sexual abuse and humiliation of thousands of young White girls – someone’s daughter, sister or friend – many at an age when they are still children? Are they less important than 11 grown men kicking a bag of wind around a field? Are their feelings, pain, fears and future well-being so unimportant?

I do not include National Socialist or racial Nationalist comrades in this, many of whom took to the streets in protest, but the mass of our apathetic, cowardly, ‘I’m all right Jack’, countrymen. What does it take to get them to fight back?

Below we report on the latest shocking revelations and compare that to how the black ‘community’ reacted when faced with sexual abuse by Asian men.

VIDEO – I Was Born In Britain

A powerful and moving Nationalist video about the suffering inflicted on our children by the grooming gangs.


Twenty-nine men have been charged in connection with the sexual exploitation and rape of a girl over a seven-year period in West Yorkshire. The offences are reported to have taken place in and around Calderdale and Bradford between 2003 and 2010 when the victim was aged between 13 and 20.

Eight others were released without charge. The 29 are due to appear at Bradford Magistrates’ Court between the 7th and 9th July.

We cannot imagine what this poor child must have gone through – fear, pain, guilt, feelings of worthlessness. This is something that will be with her to the end of her days, and it is almost certainly something that will destroy any future she has.

These alien monsters, who regard White children as worthless, mere playthings, to use, abuse and then discard, have ruined this young girls life as they have ruined thousands of others.

White reaction: None. No outrage, no riots, no backlash at the polls. No politicians calling for calm. A big collective sigh of relief that it wasn’t their sister or daughter. Sometimes I hate our own people for their spinelessness.

Let us compare the reactions of our people to how Afro-Caribeans reacted…..


It started with rumours that a young black woman had been raped in a shop by Asians, and led to a vicious riot that left scores injured, property ransacked, a police officer shot in the leg and a young black passerby, who was said to be not involved, stabbed to death.

The disturbances are said to have started after a black teenager was gang-raped in an Asian-owned hair and beauty shop called Beauty Queen on Wellington Road, near Lozells.

The local Asian Resource Centre was attacked, and had all of its windows smashed. Dozen of Asian owned cars were set on fire.

So… one rumour involving one black girl and there’s riots, violence and death. Thousands of White girls abused, a police cover-up, newspaper blackouts and hundreds in court. And…. nothing.

Whilst the BM does not condone what happened in Birmingham, we can understand the anger that flared up and led to the violence and arson.

One other striking feature of the reports is the language used to describe the rioters. Not one of the press reports calls the rioters ‘thugs’, ‘hooligans’, ‘racists’ or any of the other labels attached to any group of Whites who fightback.

So why don’t our people take to the streets in a similar way? We can only conclude that most White Britons are either too cowardly or apathetic to care what happens to their people, until it happens to someone amongst their family and friends.

Fortunately there are people in this country who will not bury their heads in the sand. Who will not pretend it isn’t happening and will not forget. People who will agitate and shout about it from the rooftops – the BRITISH MOVEMENT!


The full list of those charged can be viewed on the West Yorkshire Police website here;

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