Asylum Hotel Given Five Star Rating For Food

Woolston's Holiday Inn in Warrington

Woolston’s Holiday Inn in Warrington, which has been closed to the public until further notice in order to accommodate asylum seekers, has been given a top rating for food hygiene. The Tapori – Holiday Inn Catering Kitchen which operates inside of the hotel is also closed to the general public.

Following an inspection by the Food Standards Agency in June of this year, it was given a rating of five-out-of-five for hygiene. The curry bar was rated as ‘very good’ for hygienic food handling and the management of food safety; it was rated ‘good’ for the cleanliness and condition of facilities and the building.

A decision was made in late April that the Holiday Inn would be used as part of the government’s scheme to house asylum seekers, and the hotel has a maximum occupancy of 100 single adults.

Whilst these illegal immigrants are being treated to slap-up meals in the top-rated curry bar, new figures have been released showing that 1313 people died in the UK after experiencing homelessness last year, an 80% increase on figures from 2019.

Warrington lies three miles east of the Merseyside border, and was historically in Lancashire, although it is now located in county of Cheshire.


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