Blackpool – Homeless On The Streets But Migrants In Hotels

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Home Office contractors are looking for more Blackpool hotels to take on contracts to provide accommodation for Cross Channel migrants and asylum-seekers.

News media in the North-West of England have reported that in addition to those hotels and guest houses in Blackpool already under Home Office contracts, they are looking for at least three more large hotels to take on migrant related contracts. Blackpool is now officially one of the most deprived towns in England.

This week the Blackpool Gazette reported that the official government statistics show that the homeless figures for the Blackpool area are double the national average. Nationally most towns and cities show an average of 6% per 100,000 population, but for Blackpool the figure is 13% per 100,000.

The situation in Blackpool is now so bad that the national news media are starting to wake up to the situation. On Wednesday November 23rd, GB News broadcast a live report from Blackpool with face-to-face interviews with homeless people living in sea front doorways. Some of the individuals interviewed on camera were former military veterans unable to cope with life outside the services, including some suffering from chronic PTSD.

Ironically some of those homeless White British ‘rough-sleepers’ were bedding down in doorways just yards away from the Metropole Hotel, which is currently housing 300 migrants under a Home Office contract.

One of the major hotel companies in Blackpool has so far rejected the offers made on behalf of the Home Office, but a senior director has stated that the offers are so lucrative that the company might reconsider and take up the contracts.

All this is a far cry from April 2020, when Blackpool Council was boasting in the press as to how many homeless ‘rough-sleepers’ were being taken off the streets to meet Covid lockdown targets. At that time at least 100 homeless individuals were found accomodation. Then of course the government were offering councils large sums of cash to take the homeless off the streets, and then the major Cross Channel invasion began.

It is a sad reflection on British society in 2022 that illegal immigrants are living in safe hotel accommodation at tax-payer’s expense, while the British homeless are facing Winter in shop doorways.

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