Leeds Council Employees Terrorised By Immigrant Demanding More Cash

Abdulrahman Mohammed Seni

A furious immigrant terrorised Leeds City Council employees by attempting to set fire to their building after claiming that they refused to provide him with cash handouts. Many of the 100 employees were so terrified of him that they still prefer to work from home rather than return to Kernel House on Killingbeck Drive. One even asked to be transferred.

The 21-year-old, who came to the UK from Sudan, repeatedly visited the council building last summer “causing a nuisance”. His barrister, Philip Mahoney, told Leeds Crown Court that Abdulrahman Mohammed Seni had been told that Britain was the ‘land of milk and honey’. He soon found out differently.

On August 8, 2022, he smashed windows in the council building. He returned the next day, entered the building and damaged a photocopier. A week later he again returned and walked up a flight of stairs before starting a fire in the doorway to an office, using an aerosol and a lighter. Smoke alarms were set off and the building evacuated. The fire failed to take hold.

Seni was jailed for 28 months at Leeds Crown Court. The judge, Recorder David Kelly told him: “Your motive is that you blame Leeds City Council for your financial plight.

“You basically did not think they did enough for you. These actions are a consequence of your resentment and hostility towards them. You pose a danger to those members of staff and you have expressed absolutely no regret. You prefer to concentrate on the financial support you will get on your release.

“Basically, it’s all about you and how people have let you down, saying you were justified in your actions.”

The case had previously been adjourned to try and find out more about Seni’s background, but details were still no clearer. The judge said that Seni had initially said that he was from Sudan, but later claimed to be from Chad and that he grew up in Saudi Arabia.

Once again we have somebody who entered the country illegally, destroying any documents that could identify him. He has lied constantly since arriving here. The only things we do know about him is that he is a violent arsonist with a sense of entitlement. Just the sort of person we need in our country.

No doubt another one of the ‘new Britons’ who will vote Labour in the coming years.


Main Image: West Yorkshire Police.

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